Prototype #1 Range 3D Scanner | PUTV showcase thread


Hi Everyone ,

The word is out about Revopoint Range 3D scanner … but little limited at this time so not much I can share with you according to the exact specifications .
But all I can say it is amazing :star_struck:

Standard accessories as usual , cables, markers , USB A to USB C adapter if needed .
The main body size is like MINI but with wide set new depth sensors . Very lightweight, not getting warm while operating .
The FOV is huge so not for small spaces scanning however you can still adjust the proper range to get rid of the background or foreground if things go in your way .
So very much possible to scan objects on your desk .
Minimal scanning volume is 50x50x50 mm , maximum is up to your computer capacity, speed and power . You can scan a House if you want , no limitation but with proper workflow very much possible.

Since the frame speed increase from 12-18 fps it is recommended to use computer with good speed , you can still scan on your phone or tablet as I tested it out , but on good speed computer or laptop you will get the optimal results and quality .
How faster your computer can process capturing the frames how better.

It is not for scanning small volume objects like POP2 or MINI can do … human face scanning in 35 sec ? Yes …POP2 bust? Not really but you still can however think big for your needs .

There would be also ( probably) optional huge 50cm / 20 inches I’m diameter turntable with a remote control
100kg weight
You can’t find this one on Amazon , it’s big

I will be able to post scan results soon as I finishing scanning my showcase examples .

Full human body scan in around 60+ seconds capture time with around 700-800 frames only
No more problems with losing tracking on back of the head , it is quick and deliver perfect scans . No much issues with facial hair but very dark black hair may need some dry shampoo or powder, brown hair scan perfectly as long washed fresh and without gels or hair products .
All skin types
Advanced gain settings
Advanced range capture settings
And all new goodies …

You can scan very big objects … also with markers if needed but the markers distance need to be at least between 5-8cm apart when scanning big objects .

So far it scans everything without losing tracking … even a chair

You can scan clothing, shoes, accessories for your online store with it too , or mechanical big parts as car frames or the car itself without markers
Or assets for games and vr like statues, environment elements etc … so very versatile

I will post cool scanned examples as soon as we are allowed to do so .
I know I spoiled already too much details but that are my experience with it , and to be honest I was shocked the first time I used it .

To be continued… with more examples soon

P.S comparison in size to MINI main body



Just to be clear… the markers have to be at least 5-8 cm apart or no more than 5-8 cm apart?

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I am so tantalized by this.

Have you tried it with the Stabilizer?

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as you ask above , distance between 5 to 8cm from each other

It is really amazing for bigger objects , remember my Athena sculpture at 13 inches, now I scans it in 35 seconds the whole thing . And 6 ’ human body in 70 sec

I did not tried the Stabilizer with it yet , but seriously who need that with this at 20 frames per second . Stabilizer or not you can scan with closed eyes after a drink :laughing:
My package was delayed and will try it on Monday however there are no special settings for it … , easy connection via Bluetooth and PC to have access to the play button and that is .


Someone managed to scan the dashboard of their car using the Einstar, and it turned out very good. How well would the range work?

You can’t compare Einstar to Range , different animals, Einstar is more stationery 3D scanner relaying on the power of your workstation . If Einstar can scan 720 people a day with a tablet then we can compare .
Dashboard would be a couple of seconds without big hustle or markers .

The minimal distance between the scanner and the object is 30 cm and max is 1 meter and 20cm .
It is not for small objects as it scan very quick big volumes with a great results with 20 frames per second what is the double speed of POP2 and MINI. Not replacement… but it needs a fast processing for the huge volume.

Myself and other fellow beta testers will post soon our scans so you can see more what it is all about .

But truly you have to use it to believe , as I could not believe the first time …


Awesome! When can we get it?! :drooling_face:

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Looking sooo forward to your “review”! Especially interested in some outdoor scanning results on daylight if there are any improvements compsred to othere POPs.

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I’m not expecting significant improvements there. The Range seems to be using the same basic emitter technology (infrared LED) as the POP 2, but somewhat more powerful.


Infrared LED are not classified as First Class lasers , Range has an Infrared laser not an LED , same goes to MINI and POP2
It is so powerful that it can scan a black garbage bag or black plastic at higher gain settings , it scans dark facial hair without baby powder and has almost double the range of POP2 .

becouse it is so powerful the new software has now a range slider to adjust the scanning range of capture , so you don’t scan walls behind your object .
You can sit in your chair and scan the ceiling .

Of course sun still affect the Infrared laser as it is more powerful , I just got yesterday new Dell Latitude 2 in 1 windows 11 tablet PC for my Range to be able to scan outdoors on full speed , of course Android tablet or phone still works but the frame speed is slower compared to tablet PC and full windows Revo Scan version , now I can just scan and fuse later at home and save time on the way .

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As soon as the KS campaign starts … I would not miss that Richard , but remember it is not a replacement for POP2 , the scanning range starts at 30 cm and up and best scanning experience starts with objects at 15cm high, so it is more of an extension tool for POP2


There are huge improvements but not scanning on a sunny day , I just got my win11 tablet PC yesterday to test out on full power outdoors this weekend . I know you can scan before the midday and late in afternoon and on a really cloudy day , but exactly how it performs on a whole speed outdoors I will know this weekend . I am going to test on various devices .
I did scanned 6 feet tree btw with my android but half leaves vanished after fussing as it was on old Android app … so going to try again

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:grin: Looking forward to my new hobby - ceiling scanning​:laughing:

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Cool! pop2 and pop1 were unfortunately pretty much useless outdoor, no matter the daytime.

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I actually scanned the celling by accident , single fire alarm was enough to keep it on track .


After the gain changed in the software it was .
Now in new software the gain is again automatic so you can select an selection on the object to adjust the proper gain to the right level , that eliminates a lot of issues .


@PopUp TheVolume: Kindly provide me with the overall diamension of the Range 3D, or a 3Dscan with the Pop2 :wink: for building up a proper carrying case for (POP, POP2, Range3D, turntable and all the accessoirs) Thank you, Regards

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Hi Ingo, I will have to ask first if I am allowed to do that with the prototype since the KS campaign did not even started yet . I will let you know

Btw the caring case going to be big , I was thinking about it too


Hi, thanks for responding. I understand and we dont want to be the trouble maker :upside_down_face:
I will put in a placeholder :+1:. As soon as I finished a prototype I can send some pictures.
Every part runs on a Datron milling mashine, so duplicating is just pressing one button🤗. Regards, Ingo