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My elephant was a miniature, too small to be scanned with POP . More for a MINI job
But I was able to scan my ring with POP2 what was very small but I tricked the algorithms.

What is the size of the objects you scanned ? What is the smallest volume you can pick up with your POP after all the software updates in the last months? I don’t own it anymore to test.

The rhino is a standard polythene toy mid grey/brown 140mm long 70 mm high. The cow is similar. I use it mostly for scanning clay sculptures. This Archeopterix head is at the lower size end, about 30mm long. I had to do quite a bit of remodelling in zBrush to get it decent! (I didn’t have my Mini at this point)
I haven’t noticed any improvements in my Pop v1

scan quality due to any of the updates.

@3D-looey you should since the point fusing algorithms changed, I can see it even on the animals surface you scanned , not that it is improving anything other than adding some grain surface .
The 30 mm is sadly the reaching point for a single volume .

When I purchased early POP1 , my only intension was to use it for scanning faces in general and it did the work I needed . The resolution was just fine as it was more for the shape /volume than fine details .

I’ll look out more for changes, I’ve been obsessed with surface quality rather than the means of gettiing there!

Don’t get obsessed, this type of scanning technology suffer a lot from grain effect on the surface , infrared in general is very picky on micro surface as even slightly micro reflection can cause noises shifting the points up and down .

Blue laser scanners like MINI dealing less with that issue .

I work also in Zbrush , and the best way is just to make retopology or remeshing the scan to get rid of the triangles so you can clean out all the noises on the surface much easier . Triangles are pest in post production .

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I saw this topic written in the past
I have a question there,

①As for the size of the marker sticker, is it possible to use a smaller size marker than the standard 10mm marker that comes with it? (3mm, 6mm, etc.)

②I only have a revopoint mini, will the types of markers that can be used with the blue light scanner and the infrared light scanner change?

Yes you can use any markets size , best are the reflective one .

There is no difference, you can use the same markets for both infrared and blue laser .

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Thank you for answering!

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I have a question for you experienced scaners.

I currently own a revopoint mini.
I’m very happy with the scan results, but blue light is visible light, so I can’t ask models to scan their faces.

So I’m thinking of buying a pop2, do you think the pop2 is worth getting for face scanning?

I’ll answer this. Absolutely it is.
I have the Mini and the Pop2. The Pop2 gets more use despite being worse on paper. The mini is great for… mini things, and when I need a ton of detail. For everything else I use the Pop2.


Thank you for answering.

I have never seen the actual pop2, so I don’t know much about the product.

The mini emits a visible blue light all the time, does the pop2 emit a visible light?
That’s more of a concern than performance.

POP2 use infrared invisible light and safe as well , you will be fine scanning your models faces with .
MINI Blue light is also Class 1 safe laser but some people don’t feel comfortable with blinking blue light in their faces so you going to be better of with POP2.

Personally I prefer POP2 for that job .

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I 3D modelled some tracking markers that work well to stop the scanners losing track. you can download them for free from my Dropbox account.


I got a POP2 after I tried MINI, and I absolutely recommend it. I use it all the time!
Like @Rilot said, MINI is best for very small objects or things that require a lot of detail. Other than that, POP 2 is your best friend :wink:

The news is out , Revopoint Range 3D Scanner , the big brother of POP2
Check out …

First Full body scan preview with upcoming Revopoint Range 3D Scanner , in case you are interested to check out .

@PUTV Hi , I am also interested in seeing a tutorial on the workflow for this. Love all the other work that you do and the information that you post. Learning so much. Thank you.

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Hi Bernie , you mean the full body scan ?
Sorry too many stuff on my mind at this moment …

And thank you so much for your kind word!

I did scan quick full body with Range , I have it here if you want to check

The process is the same when I used POP2 before .

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Hi @PUTV thank you for the reply. I was trying to reply below the post where you have used normal and displaced maps on the model Athena to add details to the 6K poly model. The reply kept showing up at the bottom of the thread and I don’t know why. I know you are always busy but I am adding my name to the replies of people who would be interested to see the workflow in the future. Thank you.

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Ok no problem Bernie !thank you !
I will let you know , next time just add quote to your reply for a reminder .

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