MINI- PUTV 3D Models Showcase Progress & Tips

Here is new app for Revo Dual Axis Turntable programmed by @Jonathan
and Beautified by me :joy: , anything to report please do to the original thread

NOTE: Do not pair the DATT to your phone other than via the app , do not operate the App before you see clear the DATT is Connected or it will result with Runtime Error on some devices . You need Connect your DATT before you can operate the APPs buttons .

Android APP to use with Revo Scan , including POP, POP2 and MINI
also great for 360 degree Photography and Photogrammetry.


Hi PUTV, hope you’re doing well :slight_smile:

Maybe you’ve said it before, I’m sorry if I’m repeating but can you give us a small guideline of how to work best with MINI based on your experience?

For example, is it better to scan with MINI in a lightbox with a lot of light, or darkness works better?

What kind of surfaces colors are better to avoid, and in which situations is best to use POP 2, which mode to use, etc…

Anything you can think of that might speed us up in the understanding of MINI vs POP 2.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Richard,

You will find everything in this thread especially in the begining .

But shortly :

Avoid too much light as it will affect the gain settings under Depth Camera , so use only LED with warmer tones for color scanning . Avoid day light .
Yes things changed , to be able to scan colors with blue light the main software gain increased resulting in high light sensitivity.
So no I would not recommend to use MINI in a light box , I don’t .

Regarding surface colors , best to avoid all colors if you go really for the best mesh quality , meaning use 3D spray .
MINI can’t scan yellow , orange, red, green and any colors that have mix of yellow since yellow absorb Blue Light .
If you put your object in front of MINI in darkness and it slightly glowing like under Black Light then you know this will give you troubles .
Pastel colors scan ok , but deep yellow, gold, red or green are the most difficult even if you set gain to 10 .
But it is possible with some work around .

I would suggest to use POP2 for color scanning , better color rendition and quality .

POP2 is better for scanning bigger objects , plus you have less issues with the colors and gain .
Greater distance , better tracking .
I only use MINI for a very small objects as designed for . I mean I would not bother scanning bigger than 6 inches objects with it, unless I really need the fine details .
There is not much about Richard to understand between both of the device as they working the same way just for different purpose, you need to know what you want to scan with and then choice the right tool, you can’t compare or thinking one gonna do all the work as both was created for different task and they just complement each other .
So not really comparison.
People buy MINI to scan cars when it was made to scan 3 cm objects at 10-20cm distance , with this scanning window you don’t want to scan big objects .

Revopoint upcoming new RANGE scanner is also not a replacement but additional tool for scanning really bigger objects easier , bigger means larger than it was possible with POP2 but not for scanning small objects as MINI can.

I will set new tread soon with some RANGE scanner showcase examples when I get green light to talk about and share , as right now it is still in testing and improving phase.

So Richard , if you about to scan fine and small meshes MINI is your best companion and you should not focus on color scanning using it or your mesh surface gonna suffer , exactly as I predicted early, so scan without color for best fine Mesh quality .
For the rest use POP2 and if you reach the limits wait for RANGE .

But my true love is POP2 just in middle and the most versatile of them all .
I use it mostly in my work for scanning medium size objects and humans .


Thank you PUTV for your time and your detailed explanation. I will keep these great tips in mind when scanning :+1:

I’m also very excited about the upcoming RANGE. I hope you can tell us about it soon!

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With pleasure Richard , if anything let me know !

My new showcase thread : Revopoint new scanner RANGE the big brother of POP2 & MINI

Check it out


@PUTV today the handheld stabilizer arrived to me, but I don’t seem to successfully pair it to the phone while I connect the stabilizer cable to the Mini.
While using the cable all is alright.
Is it still in development the stabilizer, or not integrated in the mobile app?
I can connect to the stabilizer via Bluetooth, but the app states “Failed to connect to an available scanner”.
The name to the Bluetooth stabilizer is REVO_STABILIZER, and my device is android, I checked and the app is up to date.

Hi @MedievalKing
Right now the Stabilizer start/pause button is not working with the mobile app so you should not connect the Stabilizer to the phones Bluetooth, just unpair the Stabilizer and use WiFi to connect to the MINI only.
I will let you know when I know more about .


Doyou hav a link to buy proper zinc oxide? Which type of alcohol - IPA or just regular ethanol?

Hi @d_e_n_o_m

this one is the cheapest - Only one left

99% is the best as it dry out very fast .
It can be any alcohol as long it has a higher percentage

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At 99.9%, this is a bit cheaper and a little purer.

If you end up using a lot, there are gallon sizes available for under $30.

I don’t know what are you smoking out there Jeff , but offering a product half the size and double price and saying it is cheaper really don’t make a sense to me .

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I sure posted the wrong link. This link is to the 4-quarts-for-$40 purchase, resulting in $10/qt. This is a bit cheaper (1/3) than yours and it has a higher concentration to boot.

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Could just go for the 55 gallon drum for $1,000 and bring it to under $5 a quart or $18 a gallon :crazy_face:

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When you buy one gallon then yes, around $4 cheaper per L/quart

Here some screenshots. with MINI and Revo Scan 5 Beta

Scanned in one session



Hi There! I’m looking to update to the latest revopointScan 5.2.3 , I’m still on 4.2, so was just wondering if there are anything I need to be aware of when upgrading?
thank you!

Hi! be aware 5.2.3 is MUCH more mature software now :grin:

Yes everything is new ! Plus you have now editing inside as well not need Revo Studio no more …

One great thing is for use with your MINI is advanced mode for fusing , please try it , it will save your time with editing and cleaning after …it is magic fusion feature !

Don’t worry it will not lose your details … but make them perfect without the grain effect …

Yep you should. Eventually if your mini firmware asks for update you should do it also. There was at least one uptade to the fw since 4.2 that improved the capture