RANGE 3D Scanner l PUTV Showcase Thread



Here is the Final and Official KS Prototype for Revopoint Range 3D Scanner

The Package includes:
3D Range Scanner
Power Bank Battery
Phone Holder
USB-A cable
USB A to C adapter
Mobile Split. Cable USB A power-USB C data ( USB A power can be used with USB C adapter included in this package if your computer or power bank has only USB C connectors.
2 x sheets of Reflective Markers ( you use each every. 5-8 cm )
Blue-Tack Sticky Putty (to hold your objects in place while scanning )
Warranty Card
Black Plastic bag

Again I want to mention that Range 3D scanner is for scanning big objects , double the size as POP2, so please don’t get yourself an idea it will cover everything you need , it starts where POP2 ends what is 30 cm distance from the object. It is an extension tool , not replacement .

The new Range prototype uses 5V/1Am , so less power , the frame rate is 18 frames per second.
It delivers much finer details and higher accuracy as the first prototype , the Sensors are not covered for best resolution .
It has a wide POV what allows you so scan easy bigger objects , so far I tested from 4cm to unlimited
before the best results was at 15cm , however the best potential starts with objects at 30cm /13inch with 30-40 cm distance .

New Range 3D scanner will be accompanied with brand new Revo Scan 5 ( currently in production)
However I did tested it of course with 4.3.1 and the results was great .

Optional huge Turntable with Remote for scanning Full body or Big objects

You will see more scan previews today using this new and final prototype of Revopoint Range 3D scanner .


Here is small collection of Body Scans

Scan #1 - model size 2m/6.3ft


Scan #2 same model different clothing


Scan #3 same model different clothing


Scan #4 same model different clothing


Exceptional good scans :clap:- but I wouldn’t expect anything less from you :grin:

Now for the final countdown aka F5.:grin: I hope I get some of the early bird one, I hope I can make a small break from work then for a few minutes.

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Thank you so much @ivan , my husband was collaborating with the showcase modeling :joy: he said he need to close his eyes or get dizzy on the big turntable that I run at max speed :laughing:

Yeah we all awaiting big opening of the campaign here including the Revo staff , being up all night today .
I really hope you get the early bird pledge , crossing my :crossed_fingers:, waiting for the good news !


Absolutely impressive results… Do you have by chance an example taken without the turntable? For the people that will get only the scanner would be very reassuring


Thank you @krofinski I will have more scans soon also without using turntable , when it get about body scans you want to scan as quick as possible as people can’t stand steal for too long , one movement and you need to start again so for that turntable I’d be the best option, however you can scan anything by just hand held the scanner , it have great tracking and big FOV as long the object don’t move or bend you can scan it .
It is totally different story than scanning using POP2 …

Remember you don’t need always turntable , you can use kitchen stool or rotating bar chair to make things easier when you scan organic form.

You can actually scan your whole desk in couple of seconds …it is very powerful little thing .

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Sorry for answering late… I had an important appointment at 14:00 impossible to miss :wink:

Yes, I know those issues very well, I have done in the past lots of body scans with a Structure sensor. After almost 9 years of loyal service… I will be able finally to put it into retirement :slight_smile:

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He’s a darn good model! :wink: Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my GF to model for so long. I hope it changes with arrival of RANGE.
SUPER deal, even at normal prices for such a product.:hushed:
Looking sooo forward to get it. I feel like this could become my “standard” scanner.

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Congrats @ivan happy to hear that you got it on time !
The prices was crazy low and it is so worth the investment, a lot of great stuff is coming … be ready for a new era …

I think your GF will be more comfortable staying less on the turntable when using Range . My son still enjoying modeling as well :grin:

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Crazy low price for sure! Much lower than I expected or would have be willing to invest. Actually I baked first and checked the prices afterwards and actually couldn’t quiteneliebe the generous bargain prices!


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I was just wondering if this scanner would be useful for environment scans on location. I work in the film industry and have been lidar scanning locations to use for pre vis on projects, would the RANGE work for scanning large environments ? Or is it for objects only ?

What is his hair color? Did you use any tricks like dry shampoo? Hair is looking great, too! Is scanning hair better now with RANGE due to more powerful projector odr due to bigger FOV and better tracking because of faster scan rate?

Excellent!!! As usual…

Hi @Youngmatts not really , the first prototype could do that easier but mostly areas around 10x 10 , the new prototype is just limited to around 1200x1200 in each direction from center .
3D structured light is not really for that kind of stuff , you can scan large objects but going above 4m is really not recommended, the file will be a monster file , too much accuracy for scanning environment, object at 2m already can produce 5GB point cloud .
I am sure in the future Revopoint will do this kind of scanner as they do have that technology already . Range is also infrared so no scanning in sunlight , best in indirect light shaded area without any of direct light .

Hi hair are dark brown , the beard don’t need dry shampoo but the scalp hair do need and I used it .
The hair that was short actually scanned well , around the mouth, eyebrows eyelashes , back head .

There is no more tracking issues with scanning the back of the head even in a General mode at 30cm as that what I used not the full body mode as I wanted top accuracy . The Body mode has biggest FOV so less tracking needed . The Markers only need to be between 5 to 8 cm from each other when scanning in Marker Mode .

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Hi Davide , thank you very much and congrats on your excellent Range showcases as well .