Range or pop 2?

Hi all,

I’m planning to primarily scan bodies (no head). Sometimes I would like to scan smaller stuffed animals, like birds (smallest 2 x 2 x 10). But I also want to scan a car…

Feels like those wishes aren’t compatible with one revopoint. Am I right?

For scanning bodies, do you recommend the range or the pop2?


Hi @Elkoenjo ,

I recommend the Range for scanning bodies since it will be fast and the tracking is good.

You can keep an eye out and order it when it is available on KS. The price of Super Early Bird pkg will be very competitive. (But qty is limited. Good luck!)


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2 x 2 x 10 what? If inches, then that’s approximately 51 x 51 x 254 mm. The Range can has a single frame accuracy of 0.1 mm (in practice, you won’t get quite that resolution in a scan), so it would depend on the amount of detail you want to capture.

Jeff you can scan buttons on a t-shirt with Range , it has a better accuracy at 30cm than POP2 at 25 cm distance from the object .

@Elkoenjo POP2 can scan objects at 30x30x30 mm with 0.05 accuracy at 15 cm distance and Full body with 0.2 mm accuracy , so for full body and cars Ranger is better , however you can scan individual objects at 4 inch with no issues with Range however you said stuffed animals ? Then you will be better off with POP2 as it also produces much finer textures . You can still scan a car with POP2 but it going to be much more work .

The point of Range is to scan big objects , bigger than 28cm /11/12 inches for best results .
It is not a replacement for POP2 , it is extension to POP2 as POP2 is extension to MINI


Looking forward to “extension” scanner to RANGE at some point :grin: just kidding​:wink:

Why just kidding ? :rofl:
BTW I will be killed for saying it but I hacked my first Range prototype , now it is extension to the final Range scanning at 2 meter distance , particularly scanning room all at once with one 360 degree rotation :joy:

Don’t forget Revopoint has already the technology to make a scanner that can scan even a full house outside.


I would soooo much like to see your hack and video of it scanning the room like you say. That sounds AMAZING!
wondering if such hack doable with final range, too​:thinking: I guess, it is a cfg-hack​:wink: did some of that with my Pop2, 2 and mini, too. :nerd_face:

The Final Range can’t do that as they improved the hardware and sensors for better accuracy . You can scan at the distance of 1.2 meter with very good accuracy .

I should not even talk about the first prototype anymore , it was more for a fun test out , the accuracy at that distance was much lower of course that at 30 cm or 1.2 m , and I am using internal software for testing purposes so you can’t do that with the regular public version , but the point is that the hardware is very good , never overheating or lose tracking unless you point it on a flat wall .

I will try to do something with the Final version that the users can do as well after they get it … there is a lot of possibilities.
I will have a new Final Range thread in a couple of days so check out .


Thanks @all for the information.
What will happen if I scan smaller objects with the range?
And will the range loose to the pop 2 regarding details on bodies?

Sounds like the pop 2 is more fitted for my preferences, but the range is probably a better bargain.

You can’t scan the same size of objects with Range , Range is not made for that
You will not get the details not tracking going to works .

People often buy scanners hoping for something it can’t deliver , look at the specifications it will tell you what you need

I know it is hard choice , but in your case I would stick to POP2 because if you get Range then forget about your small stuffed animals . :laughing:

And if you want scan bodies …go with Range , it is 2 times better than POP2 at the same distance and the tracking works fantastic .

I have 2 of them so I know how they works

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Thanks! I’ll go for the range!
What happens I scan something like an owl? Size 280mm x 80mm x 70mm. Will it lose track?

Thanks again for your time!
I’m a total n00b at this. But really enjoy it, and the community is awesome.

I’ll set my alarmclock for 7-2 :grimacing:

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Not really , I have perfect scans with 150mm height as long you keep the distance at 30cm exactly from the center of the object .

Here reference for you

And here the smaller sizes scanned starting from 50mm height

And here you can check my thread


Hi Pop,

I have a question about the Range. I have the pop 2, and it’s way better now that the software has been updated. I put it down for a few months and it seems to work way better.

I found the tracking and calibrating horrible, and it wasn’t just me, loads of people had the same problem when POP2 was released. Anyway, I tried various body scans with the pop 2 and were either failing or I had to do the body scans in sections, i.e. top of the body (1 part) and lower body (1 part) and then adjust the scans in the post-processing. It was extremely hard to align. A nightmare. I got my scanner last April 2022. I’m playing with it again and tempted to get the range (depending on the price) but I am very skeptical with its ability (cars, people, furniture).


1.) Can you complete a full body scan with 1 scan, or are multiple scans pieced together? With pop2, you can get a body using a turntable, but there are many holes. I found if you imported a part of the scan and tried to align it again in REVOSCAN and start scanning again, it wouldn’t align at all. I had to use MESHLAB or other softwares and still had issues.

2.) Does the body have to be 90 degrees straight, or can you scan bodies if they are for example in a star position or bent over (in other body expressions)? My question here is when I was trying to scan people and found it would lose tracking and not capture if there were changes in the distance between the scanner and the person. How is this adjust in the RANGER?

3.) Does someone need a turntable or other equipment? I purchased a turntable based on your recommendation, but I remember having to spend more money on a larger turntable and upgrading my computer ram/graphics card. My question here is there other unforeseen expenses for the range?

4.) How does the range work with dark colours and flatter objects and textures? I am wondering how it’s different. I also found the pop2 works best with counter curves rather than flat geometry. Is it the same limitations/ criteria.

5.) I’m skeptical on how the range can capture furniture. Is this something it can do? Or is it multiple scans pieced together. Wouldn’t the point clouds on the large files be enormous range?

Thanks for your feedback.

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Yes you can , in a be run from top to bottom , you do not stop scanning when scanning humans , it would be impossible to find tracking , human body is moving not matter they standing , so you have to scan full body at once .

You can scan then in any position , it make no difference

With the turntable you get faster scan that’s for sure , scanning while handheld will produce huge point cloud as you going probably end with over 4000 frames , on turntable you should get scan done in 129 seconds .

You don’t need anything else , you have already everything already .

It can scan dark clothing like black cotton, it will also scan black garbage plastic so powerful it will s , it have huge FOV so you can scan less feature objects easier , nothing compared to POP2 , the job is very easy , you going to be very much surprised how easy it is to work with .
Flat geometry need features to be scanned as with any other scan in the world , but you can easy scan a chair without anything else needed . For stuff like top table you will need to scan with markers 5-8 cm apart each marker .

Yes you can scan sofas, tables, chairs etc , why you are sceptical ? It was made to scan big objects , and it do just that , you can scan a full car too inside and out if you like , remember it scan also black plastic .

When you scan really big objects it is recommended to use body mode , for humans I am using general mode for better accuracy .

You gonna see many showcases in the next 2-3 days in the forum by various users, don’t miss that , from human bodies to cars and furnitures .

It is really worthy, I will never scan bodies again with POP2 , the job got just so much for easier and almost never lost tracking … ha d to believe but so true .