RANGE | Unboxing

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The Range is for everybody, eager to scan to scan Bigger Objects. How big? I am scanning persons and print them as little figurines since the Pop1 came out. Pretty happy with it, but sometimes it took a lot of patience or creativity to get a good scan. And then still I had to clean up the Scans on Meshmixer or Nomad (iPad sculpting app) Everything felt okish. The Pop was unbeatable for its price. Had a small crappy turntable after a while, for persons to stand on. Best Turntable without spending several hundreds of dollars and barely strong enough for a person.
Then, the Range arrived. You already can tell from distance between the lenses, it is made for bigger object. The area the scanner is able to scan is way bigger. That means, less loss of track, our biggest enemy.
But before I go into details, how amazing this scanner is:
What`s in the box? Like Brad Pitt in Seven asked. Pretty standard apart from the scanner. We have the cable to connect it via USB A (or an adapter from USB A to USB C) to the PC and and a second cable to connect it to your smartphone and a Powerbank at the same time. And no, you don’t have to buy a Powerbank, the scanner includes a handle powerbank. Just mount the scanner on top, plug it in your phone and Powerbank and scan on. You don’t even have to hold your phone in the other hand like a barbarian, no, just attach it to the handle.
And of course, Revopoint threw some markers bluTack and a black plastic in the box. The standard every scanner from Revopoint comes with.
Now to my experience with it: Just fabulous, that’s all

And if you really need to know, I gonna tell you why. As I mentioned before, loosing track, pause, undo and continue was my workflow before the Range. Here and there a bit of cursing and the model shacking the numbness off, then restart. Now, the whole procedure takes around three minutes. Maybe faster if the turntable would be faster. Without pause, I can scan the whole Body, just when I have to fill in the last holes from above or below hitting the pause button helps, which is of course again on the device itself.
Exporting the files and your nearly done. Plane cut on the bottom and off into your favorite slicer to prepare it for printing.
Of course it depends on the Pose the model strikes, how quite he/she stands, what the difficulty of the scan is.
Scanning Persons, has never been that easy. Since I got the Range, my Pop2 feels very lonely, only using it on small objects. Objects of 50cm(around 1.5 feet) to infinite meters (yards) only get scanned with the range