MINI- PUTV 3D Models Showcase Progress & Tips

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Chapter 1 : UNBOXING

As you already know I become a Beta tester for the new Revopoint’s 3d scanner MINI
The package arrived very quick and as usual with the same accessories .

In the box I got the MINI 3D scanner , 2 T-shirt , turntable ( same as the one that came with POP and a letter .

Here is the content of the package , same as usual but the Bust is only 67mm , very MINI
also what different is the tripot , it has shorter legs that can be expanded .
A new Calibration board , but at this moment calibration is not yet functional , my MINI also missing the RGB camera since it is just a prototype and actually a sample .
There is also phone holder, one Micro-B to USBA, MicroB to USB-C and Mobile connector with MicroB to USBA-power and USB-C data cable .
Phone scanning with a phone is not currently supported , since MINI needs lots of horsepower to run , and the best right now are computers with at least 16GB of RAM , MINI scanning a lot of data compared to POP2.

The Blue Light from MINI shine on the small bust , it is not recommend to shine it into eyes .

Here my 2 MINIs together

I must say that I did not encounter any issues since I got it , the tracking is so much better and the scans are smooth , it is much easier to track no matter on turntable or hand held.
It is amazing device with a high accuracy of single frame at 0.02mm and resolution ( pitch point at 0.02mm)
While testing the new Revo Scan software I came to conclusion that 0.1mm for resolution was much too low with that accuracy , so the Revopoint programmers increased it to 0.05mm and let me run some tests to see how it works in practice on my side, the results was sooooo good . Of course we are all hungry for the small details so they go down to maximum 0.02mm and finally we hit the sweet spot .

The software improves still and also great new feature is that the CPU do not run anymore at 98%, it is now at 10/12% while scanning , so also great improvement .
Also the “MAKE SURE TO EXIT” button is gone so no more jokes about that one in the future .

MINI is not a replacement for POP2 , it is truly amazing for a very small objects , you can still scan a face or hands in amazing details to the pores , bit that is , there is no full body scanning with this one , the scanning distance is very small from 10-20 cm only so the scanning window is very minimal .

Here coupon of examples of a very small objects I scanned in the process while testing .

No denoiser meshed at 6


I printed the 3D scan if the ring 1:1 copy

Also forgot to add that the gain is also now lower , so no more ND filter will be needed

This is finally 1:1 copy of the original figure with each detail included .

I am doing today a new showcase with a very small objects , so stay tuned

if you have any questions feel free to ask .


Is the Mini going to use the same RevoScan software as the POP2?

@Miamijerry the new and upgraded software ( still in beta testing ) works with all 3D scans POP1,POP2 and MINI , there are just different functions that will be activated when the scanner connect to the software , so different functions for different scans. But it is already great , very low CPU usage while scanning, scanners get on full power only if connected to the software. Very good improvements .

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Thanks, that looks really good.


My poor credit card, I think its gone into hiding.


It might be interesting to print this test block to compare to his POP and POP2 result at this link: 3D Scanner Resolution Test Artifact and Revopoint POP/POP2 Results - YouTube


:joy: well Alan , I am not here to sell you anything , but I would not miss the one time offer from upcoming Kickstarter , you will never get anything at that KS price range .
It is not replacement for POP2 as you can’t do with it what what you can do with POP2 and vice versa .


I downloaded the files and will try , however I would prefer to print it with resin printer that I don’t have , I am afraid printing it with regular printer will not deliver the proper results , I printed other stuff at that resolution and MINI picked up each slice of the printed object , it is hair sharp , but I can try .

P.S when doing tests like that , you may know that the printed material need to be white and not shiny , since shine is affecting very much Blue light scanners , scanners with higher accuracy needs 3D spray and very fine if possible , MINI can literally pick-up heavy layer of 3D spray especially on a flat surfaces . I am printing already the test block at 0.01mm accuracy and see how it works in practice .

If you do a coin and a 28mm. wargames figure, you might keep the KS comments page from becoming a “scan a coin and a 28mm. wargames figure” page like the last one!

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Thanks, i understand your points - this youtube channel is the only one i have found where they used a benchmark and an actual attempt at getting “numbers”. I am not a subscriber of “SerendipitySue” just found his videos today. Looking forward to any results you care to post - thanks for responding!

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Sorry @Pygar2 but I don’t understand what do you mean by that ?

I understand , the point is that you can’t actually print accuracy artifacts because it will never match the original so the number will be never accurate but can give you just an idea how good it is , but take a grain of salt with this kind of tests , they are never 100% accurate and never will be. What accurate for me is that when I scan an object it has the same volume dimension .

BTW the tests was not about accuracy it was about resolution , it is not always the scan that can’t see, in 98% is the software that deliver the accuracy and resolution .

We all wanted to see how it scans really small things. People kept asking and asking, but they wouldn’t do it. If you go ahead and scan small things with this one, we’ll know what to expect.


Ok I got it , well that is my intention .
Just remember that 0.020mm resolution is not a 0.020mm volume , the minimum wide of the volume I could capture on an object was 0.80mm compared to POP2 at 2 mm what is a hand sewing needle .

Think about the whole object as a Volume, the fine details on the surface are the resolution, and the distance in the volume are the accuracy .

Can you please actually scan itemes its intended for.

exlain further…

what do you mean scan items that it is intended for ?


I think they are asking for smaller items. I would love to see the back side of a “Maya Angelou” 2022 quarter scanned in.

You should have on in your pocket change next time you buy something. They are “fresh off the press” so to speak.


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did you check the beta Software with pop2 as well? Any updates there?

1.Well you can’t scan full body with MINI, first of all the files would be so huge due to the collected data and second the scanning window is so small it would be impossible to proper track everything .
2.ou can’t scan very dark skin , it will absorb the blue light
3. You can’t scan all sort of plastic , the best is white matte plastic , any other colors will absorb the blue light
4. You can’t scan in bright light or LED light , you need to have controlled ambient light , how darker how better .Any light emitting blue light will interfere with it
5. It is only for indoor scanning
6. You need computer with at least 16GB to full use its potential , heavy data need RAM and good fast CPU to process 0.020mm resolution .
7. It has only Feature Mode and Marker Mode
8. The scanning distance is only between 10-20 cm / 100/200mm so very narrow frame
10. It do has better tracking in feature mode when scanning handheld.
11. It can scan aluminium and any brushed metals without 3D spray
12. It can’t be pointed into eyes for that reason not recommended to scan human faces with eyes open
13. The blue light shutting down once the software is closed.
14. It uses 12% of CPU while scanning , however it needs full CPU power for fusing and meshing
15. The models it produces are huge in size and need extra time to process

I just have the first prototype so I don’t know how it capture textures as there is no RGB camera installed in my sample .
At this moment my sample do not support mobile scanning and I can’t calibrate it yet .