Prototype #1 Range 3D Scanner | PUTV showcase thread

How do I get on the Beta testing list? I’ve bought the POP, POP2, and MINI so far and would like to scan some classic cars with this.

Also I have a friend who builds narrow boats out of steel I wonder if this would scan one of those?

Hi @Cypher the list of Beta users group is already full at this moment and very limited this time.
People was selected based on their past helpful activities and posts, quality scans and 3D skills they showcasing in the forum or on Facebook group in the past and are selected by Revopoint team.
It is not a Beta testers group but a Beta users that will showcasing their best work .
When there are more opening available , Revopoint will choice probably more Beta users at their own discretion.
So if you want to grab attention you still have plenty of time to show off your skills around with your devices .

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It depends , there are not a specific list of what you can scan or not , everything is possible , you can scan 3 persons sofa without the need for a markers so I guess you can do it as long it have enough big features .

You can scan a 8 feet wall but not an empty wall if you know what I mean because who want to do that if you can use just empty plane in your modeling software for that , but as long you have 2-3 elements hanging on the wall it is already enough to keep tracking .
You can for example scan a whole doors with frame and surrounding wall in couple of seconds .
Or a short person in 35 seconds standing on the big Range turntable .

Since the FOV is huge compared to other devices the tracking features not need to be very close anymore to keep on with the tracking . For example in marker mode markers can be apart at 5 to 8 cm and still scanning get very smooth even on a features surface , so I am sure one way or another your friend could scan s boat as long it is not shiny or highly reflecting surface .

Range also can scan black plastic as it is more powerful , so at higher gain settings you can even scan an black plastic , like dashboard of a car etc … without the needs of 3D spray .

Very powerful and lightweight device and of course I tested it already with the stabilizer and works great as well .

@PopUpTheVolume Hi, the beta unit does have RGB?

Yes of course, it is infrared laser so there are no issues with capturing any colors .


Dear @PUTV ,

Your post is so excellent, as always. I have pinned it to the top for two months.

Appreciate your contribution.

Best Regards


Thank you @Revopoint-Cassie for the kind words and welcome back to the forums again , your was truly missed !

Best wishes


Is the USB cable that you are using in the photo connected to a power bank and PC? I’ve been using a power bank and WiFi with my PC.

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Yes I was using Revopoint with Power Bank and tested my new win11 tablet /PC via WiFi , I needed some extra power for RANGE and more RAM than my android tablet while on the way . However Range works as good on Android 8GB tablet or 6GB Android Phone .

But the major reason for getting the win tablet is to avoid fusing the point cloud while underway and do that later at home what sadly Android app don’t offers yet .


Thanks, that’s great to know.

I would love to see just point cloud scans for mobile phone for later fusing. I was thing about using a laptop for mobile scanning. I’ll get one if I need to do more mobile scanning.

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I could definitely use one of these. IT could be very useful for scanning things like fairings.

Definitely, that would be great choice , even if there are not much features on it Range can handle it , plus it needs only small amount of markers if needed at the distance from each other at 5-8 cm so not as much as with POP2 or MINI .

Additional feature it can scan black plastic so less need of 3D scanning spray , the new software feature have a new and unique automatic gain settings that can adjust the proper gain according to specific area you are scanning .

You could of course scan the whole bike if you need as that is also no problem and very easy to do with Range .

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exactly. I’d rarely need a whole bike unless i’m doing a tech demo (most of the bikes i’m working with are chrome, steel and polished aluminum, very few are modern sport bikes)

Just giving you an example .
You can spray 3D vanishing spray on reflective metal parts , I think AESUB cane out with a new 3D spray for this type of surfaces …just in case you need it … there is always an option .

i’ve used foot powder on cycle engine parts… (the inner gearbox cover from a Triumph that Revopoint featured a bit ago was mine)

I tried the quick vanishing (Aesub Blue) spray but it disappears too fast on even intermediate parts, haven’t tried the longer life stuff, and got but haven’t tried the opther brand of spray.

My favorite now is Attblime , it stays actually 2h and it more frosting the surface than covering it with a heavy layer. They have also longer lasting one and half the price . AESUB Orange last longer and have finer surface but not recommend on metal parts as it oxidate it badly . With Attblime I never had issues with metal oxidation after the spray vanished .

I use the $26 can with airbrush , cost effective and working great .

I saw the scan and was wondering who scan them , good job !

that’s the ‘other brand’ i was referring to. Glad to know that its working.

thanks for the note on aesub orange, guess i have to avoid that one

Ok @ivan … as for your special request , here just a very early first full body scan from October done with upcoming Revopoint Range 3D Scanner.
It is a very early Beta Prototype and not final version as usual things going to improve .

6,3ft object
75sec scan process, around 750-800 frames
No edited just meshed raw fuse point cloud in Revo Studio at level 7 , no cleaned or touched pure raw scan from Range.
Scan Mode: Feature distance between 350-400 mm
Range Turntable / Handheld
4 millions Vertex , 8 million Faces




To be continued …