Dual Axis Turntable do not rotate

A new version of Revo Scan just released

Please try this one @3dbaid


Same problem with dual axis turntable here, just solved. Here is what I did:

  • Update RevoScan to v4.1.0.20220905c - https://www.revopoint3d.com/wp-content/uploads/download/Revo_Scan_for_win_v4.1.0.20220905c.zip
  • Pair your turntable via bluetooth on windows
  • Connect your POP Mini via USB 3.0
  • Launch updated RevoScan
    (On first launch the app will ask for updating the turntable, just let it do its job)
  • After update, on the mainscreen click on the gear at bottom left side
  • At the new pop-up window go to DualAxis Turntable and click Setings
  • Add your turntable to RevoScan and configure
    Now, on your next scan the app should ask for the turntable to help and it shoud begin to work after a few seconds when pressing the scan button.

Many users are stuck on this point for some reason and can’t pass the firmware upgrade.
Some are blocked to contact the Chinese servers by their Internet providers, others are stuck at 20% of the process .


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Revopoint just published a tutorial on Youtube:
How to use the Dual axis Turntable - YouTube

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