Updated software for the dual axis turntable?


Wasn’t the updated scan software for PC due in the last day or two - the one that allows the dual axis turntable to work? Or was the 1st Sept just a rumor?


Hi Mark , not it was not a rumor , it was planned for Sept 1.

Still not news

So at this moment there is no posibility to turn on dual axis turntable? I have instaled Revo 4.04 and no rotation at all ?!!!

Yep that is correct. Well, you can power it on, and it does its start up procedure, but you have no way to control it yet.

Thank you for the confirmation.

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Hi all,

The software isn’t ready yet, but I think my turntable got an hardware issue:

  • When i plug it there is no light or any movement
  • I have checked AC-DC adapter and it’s ok

I can’t power it on?

There is a procedure to switch on?



That is the point , you need a software to control it ,
There is a button on the other side of the turntable to turn it on , the green light will blinking ready to connect to your Bluetooth.
You can connect to your Bluetooth but for the rest you need the new Revo Scan software

@bloutix I see definitely faulty device, you should get blinking green light once you press the button .

I just checked on my device.

Please contact the customer support via email about the issue since the customer support do not monitor the forum .
You will need probably replacement.

The support section in this forum is for other more technical purposes .

I honestly wouldn’t mind the delay in the Software Update if they had simply communicated something, anything!

A simple: “We’re working hard on the software update and are unfortunately unable to release it at this time, but will in the coming days/weeks. Please bear with us and we apologize for the inconvenience” would have sufficed.

What baffles me is that I see Revopoint people replying to things in this forum so they’re clearly reading it, but are conveniently ignoring this thread as if it does not exist.

As a Software Engineer myself, I am all too familiar with delays and it being difficult to iron out bugs and make software happen so I am okay with Betas, Alphas, and all that stuff. I perfectly understand that tech stuff is difficult, all of that is not a problem to me at all. But communicating a release date and then pretending like it never happened and just ignoring your users… that I am baffled by. Even if this was a Kickstarter, what is stopping you guys from giving it 5 minutes to reply?

I also don’t agree that this has anything to do with patience. I have patience. If they told me to wait 1 more month I would for the Software, I have zero problems with that. But communicate.

Just a small rant by someone that loves your product, loves what you are doing, and loved spending money and time with your Kickstarter. In the end, I paid a total of 750 for this product with tax so that should speak for itself that I do not dislike what you as a company do. But I do think your communication can be better.

@Extremo the patience was for September 1, now it is another story , no updates and not even an official note after the official announcement what I find kinder weird now .
I only know that there was another COVID outbreak that delayed lots of things that was planned for this week and may or may not be the reason for the delay . I had no answer from my contact person regarding beta testing either as planned.

does the latest android software relase control dual axis turntable?

and why my iphone 12 pro via bluetooth cant see dual axis turntable?

No , there is not one software released yet to handle that .
The Android version may be released in a later timeline, they working now only on Win and Mac version .

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I can connect it via Bluetooth on my android phone … sorry I don’t use iphone , but maybe someone else with iPhone can confirm that issue .

Is it that hard to provide a simple App to turn on Rotation? Really? So instead leave us with a dual axis turntable that isn’t turning in both axes???
So we have a “dual axis no turn table”
Is there any way to get movement out of this device?

@ingManiac it is not just a simple app , it is integration into Revo Scan for semi automatic scanning .
So they had to rewrite the software to be able to do it .

I know , waiting sucks but nothing we can do about … it will not happen this weekend for sure as nobody is in the office until Monday .

I was hoping I could be able to use it normally without any app , but I was wrong . I don’t like when devices like that depends strictly on one app . Because you can’t use it anywhere else , and that is little too pricey for an unit to do so. It should be free with the scanner .

I am totally aware of the fact that it should be integrated in the App. This is really awesome, but it would be a no-brainer of what 10 lines of code? to make the turntable move around. Also a switch for turning on constant rotation would have been great to make it useable for other things.
Maybe one can learn for the future.
It is not that waiting sucks, it sucks that we have a fully functional device that can’t do the trick of a 5$ manual turntable because nobody used his brain for the simple task of using the part.
In rapid development you normally make useable releases that lack of advanced functions.
This a unuseable release because it lacks basic function. That’s weird.

I was pretty much surprised by that as you are the day it arrived with zero manual functionality. Waste of a good device indeed .

The turntable is controlled via a bluetooth link and I have never seen a bluetooth app that was within a couple of orders of magnitude of 10 lines of code. So, not a no-brainer, and, because of the link choice, will take a while to resolve.