Is the dual axis turntable worth it for the mini?

I have a Mini which works well. I’m tempted to buy the dual axis turntable. Is it worth the cash? seems to have had a history of issues, are they now resolved? I don’t use android so needs Windows or iOS compatibility. I’ll be scanning clay miniatures around 15cm tall. Thanks.

In my opinion: no. Buy a small, cheap turntable that rotates, that’s enough

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Oh well, I bought one off ebay. If I don’t get on with it then I guess I’ll try recoup my money.

Hi @GuyH77 it is only worth every cent if you use with Android app [Android] Dual Axis Turntable Controller app v.5.8 | Android 5.1 to 13 - #64

However with RS5 it is really not needed as much as it was before with older software build , however you will get better results scanning each angle separately than capturing the whole object at once what will result in heavily over scanned model , what is harder to clean up than simple 1 angle 360 degrees scan .

However if used with the Android app , it is much better and usable not only for scanning but also for photogrammetry

Not really needed. Wow, sounds like a complete dud of a product then. Oh well, I’ll try it and maybe i’ve wasted my money. Wonder if Revopoint will stop selling it in that case?

Why stoping selling ? It is still very usable when used the proper way and with the proper app , I don’t think you wasted your money.

The turntable is very good , what was not really good was the programming in old V4 software , but that is already in the past .

I’m confused, the Dual-Axis Turntable is no longer needed with Revo Scan 5?
In other words, to have a better precision, it is better to scan individually, from each angle?
If we do it automatically from each angle, as version 4 could do, it has worse results,
As I have read in other Posts, should each angle be scanned and exported and then use other software such as clud compare to join them?
What would be the best way to do it, automatically without losing to much precision?

Yes it is and always was

Yes because you over scan multiple times over and over and it is difficult to clean after resulting in artifacts on the surface .
RS 4 had automatic process that in most cases it clean it up .
RS5 is more advanced where you have control over everything more precisely.

Yes but you don’t need cloud compare , RS5 offers all that functions now directly , no need Exporting importing , everything is in one place now .

What you read is stuff for old software not Revo Scan 5 .

You losing precision when doing things automatic … and over scanning your models , for professional results , scan each angle separately, clean it proper and merge inside RS5 .

Thank you very much for the reply.

Could you give us a mini tutorial or steps, what options to use in RS 5 to clean up and prepare each scan before merge?
There are many options and I am new to this

Thank you

but be warned: I did not get my dual turn table working with RS5…

check the videos , there are 2 videos with my steps , the simple one is with the mug , it was from live stream , no matter what scanner the cleaning process is the same

it will give you an idea

Thank you so much.
I have seen the videos and I have achieved good results, the problem is that it is a very tedious job and it takes a lot of time like how about the auto edit function. Because, for example, I’ve reviewed the overlap function about 10 times and I don’t know when it should end. And this for each 1 of the scanned angles.
In the end, a very long job is done. That’s why I would like to know if the auto function loses a lot of precision?

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It depends of how many times the surface was over scanned, so it works different for each scan , you should stop when you don’t see any overlapped points , don’t change the settings under Overlapping , let it do automatic until it is clean .

The AUTO edit deliver low quality mesh , not really recommended . You going to lose a lot of details and accuracy .