Dual Axis Turntable do not rotate

Dear support,

This morning I got my new Revopint Mini and the Dual Axis turntable. I tried to start testing and found out that the Dual Axis turntable only switch the angle but the table do not rotate. There is no manual available. Do I something wrong or is the turntable broken? What can I do?

Best regards, Dirk


Hi Dirk,
Software update to drive dual axis turntable is expected to be released this weekend

Maybe it is a misunderstanding … if I put power on the turntable and switch it on with the switch on the front the turntable is only shaking from left to right but the table himself don’t rotate. I guess that has nothing to do with software. The is no USB connector or something else to connect the turntable with the computer or scanner. Could you offer a link to a manual or something else?

The connection is with bluetooth (with software)

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The upcoming Revo Software will control the turntable , all you need to do is connect it to Bluetooth and start the new Revo Scan … it will be semi automatic process .

Thank you @.PopUpTheVolume
Will that work also with my PC or is it then limited to the smatphone software? I scan only with my PC.

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I am not sure about the mobile , but definitely for PC .

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Release date for android /smart phone hasn’t been decided yet according to the Facebook post about kickstarter update, Windows version should be on the 1st September and mac on 5th September

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I saw it in the forum , it should be this weekend but changed to Sept 1 st… oh well

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so we have now the hardware but cant use them because of missing software, thats a bit weird

LOL! Tell that to the people who bought PC Desktops in 1995 and couldn’t use their new technology USB ports until 1998… It’s not weird, it’s all too common.


I would be interested in beta testing, if that’s an option.

The beta testers haven’t got the latest version yet, it is getting released on the 1st for Windows and 5th for mac

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Why weird , this is a Kickstarter project not an online store .
Good things come to those that wait …
2 more days my friend …
There was slightly issue with the software that needs to be adjusted to use proper the turntable, for that reason slightly delay .

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this makes no sense as they already have scanners in the programm.
i would understand this if this would be a company with first product but the experience of revo should be good enough. this kind of kickstarter project is the most worst ever in my live and i backed few in the past. not only 2 more days left as the mac update will be (so say the support) will be release 5th.

The Dual Axis Turntable is a new product just developed, I did not even had the chance to beta test it . So totally new to everyone .

So what make here not sense to you ?
I am not talking about anything else .

You can use the currently version of Revo Scan software to use MINI as I do for months now .

But for using the Dual Axis turntable you need to wait as everyone else .

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Patience is a virtue :smiley:

So far my Mini is a pleasure to work with, even without the turntable.


That’s good to hear @peanut

Wise words my friend !

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

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When comes the nieuw software out. Yesterday I resieved my mini and turntable. And I have also problems to connect and turn the table. pls let me know.


@Duckspace it should be released today for Windows and in couple of day for MAC , but I see no release.

I did not received the beta version either so maybe tonight or tomorrow.

You need the new Revo Scan software to use the Dual Axis turntable.

But you can use the last Revo Scan build to run MINI until then .