Dual Axis Turntable do not rotate

You must have not been CR-1 Scan lizard backer. Now that was a real Kickstarter mess.

I look at Kickstarter as a mystery box. Your money goes in and hopefully you get a product at a reduced cost. The catch with most projects is you also are also a pay to play beta tester.

you could sell your mini now and wait for the retail versions release. That may save you some frustration as everything gets sorted meantime.

You could likely thank apple’s segregated isolated ecosystem for some of the delay.

Talking about Dual Axis Turntable … today is September 2nd and nothing , not a word about . Labor day holidays weekend so I am going catch the last summer sunrays on a beach and recharge :laughing:


I am used to kickstarter projects taking a long time to arrive and gets delayed over and over again, so that is perfectly normal. This one actually arrived by the end of August as promised a long time ago. Which is even better than my expectations :slight_smile:

I understand that Revopoint want to make an amazing turntable that is bluetooth controllable, but I dont understand why it does not have an auto rotate and tilt built into its firmware without bluetooth. Or just rotate by the push of the button. Thats a bit strange.

Anyway, looking forward to receiving this software update!

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Yeah I wish it was the other way , My own dual axis has a remote control for all the functions , sometimes you need to go back or rotate in different direction , it seems this one will only be semi automatic, making scan at once without intervention leaving always the bottom not scanned , unless there will be additional options in the software , still huge mystery and nobody know anything.

I should get my beta version yesterday but nothing either. So I guess we have to wait .

How long will we have to wait? I hope not much, I really want to receive my scanner

Hi @Alvaro , I don’t know the answer for your question , you should ask it on KS as they can check there directly regarding your pledges, and if you purchased it in the Online Store contact Customer Support via email .

Nobody in the forum have access to your personal order information, not even Revopoint forum staff as they do not handle orders related support via the forum .

It is September 5 today.
Still waiting for the 1st September Update…
What happened?? Just release a software that can at least rotate the table at a stable RPM…

If you go to the download page, sometimes a form pops up where you can answer a survey and they promise a small gift… (I’m not sure if this is for everyoneone or if it’s geo-locked or something)

Support contacts you (after you filled out the survey) and asks you to write 5-star reviews on Amazon…
Never trust Amazon ratings :wink:

Now everyone just waits, I think with the turntable we all got a very good 3d scanner for little money.
You just have to live with that if you order on Kickstarter, the people from revopoint will manage it.

Although I wouldn’t mind if a function is temporarily installed so that the turntable just rotates in circles, like a switch-on button…

That is against the Amazon rules to do so , can resolve in suspending Revopoint from selling their products on Amazon .

I have like over 10 turntables and my own Dual Axis turntable so I care less … but for those that got just the MINI scanner and only the Dual Axis turntable from Revopoint , it may be frustrating .
I was thinking everyone got the regular turntable with MINI package as usual .

I thinking it is better to wait for the proper software than get half done and complaining again about bad performance.

Scanning everything by hand is tedious. A simple “rotation only mode” for the dual axis turntable would be helpful, but I prefer to wait for a proper solution.

I’m not sure why they don’t include a usb interface as well. Connecting from the PCs built in Bluetooth is gonna be fun to debug and support.

I’m gonna buy a small turntable for the dinner table (“lazy susan”), that should work untill the software is ready for action

The software beta version just released , however it is good to have regular turntable, it will be very handy to have one in other situations . You can get very good one starting at $5 on Amazon . Just make sure the rotation is 30 sec/ per rotation

The software is released and Dual Axis is working ! just made quick test , works only with MINI for me at this moment , but very straight forward .

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What version is it working on?

Where do you get the beta?
The only version I can download on my windows machine is

check it here , works only with MINI for now


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I Just installed the Beta version.
It is asking to update the firmware. I tries 3 times to update.
After downloading the file, it switches to step 2/2 and then shuts down after 4-5 seconds without doing anything.
A restart of the Revo Scan app leads to download again and crash after completion of download.

@3dbaid some people have this problem as their Internet Provider blocking access to China’s servers and cutting the access while processing, you will need to use VPN , under the download thread you will find more infos from guys that posted the solution .

I had NO Problem installing the updates .

THe problem starts after download is complete and installation starts.
Then, the app crashes and closes. Download is not an issue.
Activity 1/2 i.e. download is done.
Then 2/2 installing starts and 6 seconds after it the app closes.
Is there any offline way to update the scanner?

I am not sure exactly what is happening in this case , it maybe an issue with the MINI firmware as @Revopoint3d-Selina mentioned early on some devices that prevent the installation with some devices .

There is no other way to install the firmware offline.
However this is still a BETA version of the software so some issues are expected.

You can try to update your MINI firmware using the preview version of Revo Scan , as others did that as well already and could use Dual Axis after .

So install the previous version, install the firmware upgrade, then install back the Beta version and finish the setup of the Dual Axis.