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================================= Original Post ==================================
Thank you so much for keeping active in this official forum.

Our developers are constantly working on improving the user experience of Handy Scan. During this period, many professional users shared helpful feedback with us. We know that the software is still not perfect at this moment. Therefore, to improve user’s experience, we decided to make this contest.

We sincerely invite all of you to share your suggestion about the Handy Scan from the users’ side. If the developers choose your proposal, it will be realized in future versions! What’s more, you have a chance to get a prize from us.

Who can participate?
Everyone who is over 18 years old can participate in this contest.
** If you don’t have a POP, no worries, download the Handy Scan with the below link, or search “Revopoint” in the phone’s app store and test it now.*
Here is the download link of Handy Scan: https://bit.ly/popdownload
In case you need, you can buy a POP via this link: https://bit.ly/Revoshop

How to join?
Reply to this post to share your suggestions in the below format:

  1. Your suggestion is for Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone?
  2. The version number of Handy Scan;
  3. Your suggestions about this version of Handy Scan;


First Prize * 1: Mobile KIT * 1

Second Prize * 5: Mobile connector * 1

Third Prize*10 : 1000pcs Markers * 1

Special Participation Prize*20: $10 Coupon * 1

Contest Period:

Now - Aug 20, 23:59pm (GMT+8)

Winner Announcement

Aug 25, 2021 ------------ Aug 31, 2021

Updates at Aug 25:
Sorry, we need several more days to discuss about these suggestions. Therefore, the winner announcement date will be before Aug 31, 2021.

Who can win?

Revopoint developers and the forum team will discuss and choose the best demonstration.


  1. Each ID can win only one prize in this contest, but you can post multiple different suggestions;

  2. Don’t copy others’ comments;

  3. Prize shipment time is not promised;

  4. Any changes can be made to this contest without prior notice;

  5. Revopoint has the right to choose all the winners and their decision will be final and binding.

Notice: All Participants shall be deemed as having agreed to the Terms and Conditions


Suggestion 1) Alter operation of the POP’s WiFi firmware so that it is a Router instead of the current mode of operation where it tries to connect to a Hotspot. This will allow phones and laptops to easily connect to the POP by selecting a different router from a list instead of re-configuring your phone to act as a Hotspot every time.

Connecting the POP to a computer or phone via cable will allow the user to configure the name and password (which can still be the default “POP” and “12345678”).

Suggestion 2) Provide a Remote Operation app similar to those available in the Play Store that will allow the smart phone that is mounted in the Mobility setup (with the POP and the Battery Pack) to control the operation of the laptop or computer that is providing the Hotspot for the POP’s operation. The Handy Scan screen is mirrored to the smart phone, allowing the user to (at least) start and pause scanning.


A good thing would be to make an advanced experimental settings menu including all the cfg file settings so that we all can freely experiment and share settings for different effects… This would get the community excited and more involved…


Extra Feature
The followng feature could be added to all platforms ( IOS / Android / iPhone & PC

  1. Proximity Audio Sensor - ability to turn on/off a beeping sound when scanning too close or too far from an object being scanned. Why ? When scanning the user is not always looking at the screen they are busy moving the Pop scanner looking directly at the object of interest.

    Hope this helps & Enjoy Scanning :mask:


Hi @JeffLindstrom

I discussed this suggestion with our product director before, but she said using hotspot is the best choice for us at this period. I will record your suggestion and discuss with team again, thank you for this suggestion.

Best Regards

Hi @Tbastian

For the cfg file issue, I will record it and discuss with our product team again. Thank you for your suggestion.

Best Regards

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Hi @Banksy

This sounds good. I had recorded it and will discuss with our developers. Thank you for your suggestion.

Best Regards

I would suggest to insert in the RGB window some calibration lines, which assist to center the object. This would facilitate the capture of texture after changing the level or position of the scanner. A simple example is shown below.

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Hi @gkrunner

Good idea! I had recorded it. We will discuss internally soon. Thank you for your suggestion.

Best Regards

Windows version must no longer require admin permissions to run.

There is no need for an application like this to require those permissions.

This is a security issue that means the product is not usable for many users.

Hotspot password visible in the settings should be a write only field. It shouldn’t ever show the previous existing password.

This is a security issue.

Someone with malicious intent could access your Pop scanner and then retrieve the hotspot name and password from it. Then they have full access to your network.

Since APIs in the Pop firmware allow for reading the hotspot password, then those too need to be addressed and prevented.

Windows version could be more High DPI friendly. Win 10 Pro with screen scaling set to 150%.

On a 4K monitor, the icons are very small, like only 5 mm high.

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My suggestion is for all platforms (mobile and PC) :
Since it may be really very difficult (or even impossible) for some hair , add some prescanned hair and head models to the software and let the user scan his/her face over this model.

Another suggestion;
Help the user to select correct gain & exposure settings for his/her hair through software by detecting hair style and color. I could not achieve full hair scan although my hair is not black.

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No, they won’t.

I see many posts saying this is possible (possibly only from a laptop, not another smartphone); only a few of them admit they have never seen it done and absolutely no one has posted a How To.

Hotspots are designed to share only your phone’s data connection with nearby phones. They do not grant access to your phone’s file system. Your only risk is that they eat up all the data on your plan for the month.

If you have any specific information to the contrary, I would very much like to see it.

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Hi @banonay

Thank you so much for your suggestions. I had recorded all of them.

Best Regards

Hi @ilkeraktuna

Thank you for your suggestions. The first one is so interesting, we will discuss and consider it seriously.

Best Regards

My suggestions:

  1. The HandyScan interface can switch/flip automatically with the orientation of the phone. Now the orientation of interface is locked (on my Samsung Galaxy S7). I need to remember which side is up in horizontal orientation.

  2. User can define where to store the scan data. It would be great if data can be store in SD card instead of internal storage of phone without worrying whether the internal storage will be filled or not.

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Hello @modoneer

Thank you for your suggestion. I had recorded it, and we will discuss with our developers.

Best Regards

Here are my suggestion(s):

[All] “Turntable-” or “Tripod-Mode”

When scanning an object on the turntable, that is somewhat regular, I often find that the matching of frames is not aware of the rotation of the object resulting in errors. Maybe it would be possible to include the rotation (configurable speed?) into the matching. Probably, this is not trivial (angle of the scanner).

[All] “Slow Scanning” Mode

I found when scanning regular a object manually (for example a Keyboard) the Scan “runs away” along an axis. The slow scanning mode should limit the distance from the last known match of a scan frame to the point cloud, to find the closest match.

[All] Export Options: Point Cloud / Mesh

For post processing it would be practical to select what to export, i.e. a button to save the point cloud, a button (that enables after fusing) to save the mesh (filled and unfilled), and maybe other options that are available.

[Mobile] Limited Scan Length

To avoid data loss when scanning with the mobile app due to limited memory, the scan should automatically stop and suggest fusing and then continue the scan. Also the final fusing often crashes (I assume due to limited memory as well, iphone 11 pro max). A repeated scanning process would be better than a process that can fail.

[All] Countdown to start

It might be practical/convenient to toggle/specify a countdown before the scanning starts to get in position (especially when scanning yourself, or your own hand).

[All] Audio Feedback (duplicate with another user?)

When tracking while not watching the screen, an audio feedback (a beep with every n-th tracked frame) could let you know the scan is still in progress. Changing/Muting the sound when the track is lost will could notify you to track back and find a track again.

[All] Undo Frames.

A pause button and a key to undo the last frame(s) (like CTRL+Z) to clean up the run away part of the scan and continue from there would help to avoid restarting the entire scan (for example with the runaway issue.)

(I might add more later. Please review this response again at the deadline :wink: ):

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Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for these suggestions! I recorded them firstly, and will check it again at the deadline.

Best Regards