Leave your feedback & suggestions on the Revo Scan 5

Dear All,

After a long-term effort, we released the new Revo Scan 5.0 finally.

As you know, we are always happy to listen to our users’ voices. Therefore, if you have any feedback & suggestions on this version, please let us know.

You can reply with your feedback/suggestions to this post with your details like below:
Revo Scan version: XXXX (e.g. RevoScan_V5.0.1_xxxxxxxxx)
System : XXXX (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Exynos 9820, 6GB ram, Android 12)
Scanner: XXX (e.g.MINI)
Your feedback & suggestion: XXXX.(e.g. I hope you can add the Auto exposure on the depth camera back)

Notice: At present, only the Android , Windows and MacOS version is available… So, please post your suggestions according to the above template.

Best Regards


**Revo Scan version: Revoscan -------- Sorry, this post is only for RS5.0 feedback.
**System : Windows 11
**Scanner: Pop2

------ Can you add your feedback & suggestions?

Mirko Penna

Hi, I put a quick review on the global “New Revoscan 5.0” thread

Surprised to see the app so mature for an initial massive update. The only point I found slightly un-intuitive was the flow just when finishing the scan. I could not find an option to say explecitely “I don’t want to continue with this scan, I want to continue later on my PC”

Apart from that, it looks excelent. If I had to give a rating… 9.5/10

RevoScan version: v5.0.0 (Android)
System: Realme GT 5G (Snapdragon 888, 12Gb RAM, Android 13)
Scanner: Pop2


Hi @krofinski ,

Thank you for your feedback. I agree with you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The newest Android Revo Scan 5.0.1 beta is available in the download section

direct export stl, obj, …


Revo Scan version: RevoScan_V5.0.1-2021
System : Asus Zenfone AR V570KL, Snapdragon 821, 6GB ram, Android 7.0
Scanner: POP2
Issue: The app launches normally, both scanning and preview function correctly but just for about 5-10 seconds, after that the app crashes. I’m using USB mode with the mobile kit (external powerbank). I also tried the earlier version V5.0.0 of the app but the issue perists.
Attaching the log file in .txt form: https://gofile.io/d/PAU5vo


Revo Scan version: V5.0.0.177
System : Windows 10 Pro 22H2. ASUS X370 PRO, AMD AMD Ryzen 7 1700X, 32GB
Scanner: MINI
Your feedback & suggestion:
I am happy with the new release. It is much better than the Revo Scan / Revo Studio 4.x. Especially improvement of tracking and merge function is impressive. My suggestions are:

  • please add the Auto exposure function on the depth camera
  • for merged objects I would need the texture function (it is available for scanned objects but not for merged ones). Although the texture function is not available for merged objects the export menu shows export of textured model. Using this menu point nothing is done but no error message is displayed.
  • the dual axis turntable works good but the settings menu is incomplete at the first connect, because the handle for the angle is missing. It works properly after the following sequence: connect > settings > disconnect > connect > settings
  • normally the texture function works good, but for one of my scanned objects it seems to be completely disturbed. The textured object is displayed correctly in Revo Scan 5 but the exported object has a scrambled texture looking as if the parts of the texture are assigned to the wrong positions of the object (see screenshots below). If you need details of this object I can provide the needed parts of the project to you. In this case please tell me, what you need an how I shall proceed.

Best Regards
Wolfgang Kirschner


As I was allowed to send only one image in my reply, here is the correct view which is

displayed when I select the project in RevoScan 5

I agree as well

Hey team.

Revo Scan version: V5.0.0.177
System : Windows 10 Pro 22H2. Dell precision 5570, intel proV i7, Nvidia RTX A2000 8 GB
Scanner: POP2

Your feedback & suggestion:
Having my first propper play with the new software on windows today and I have to say it looks great and the descriptions in the info points are much better and more easily understandable for a novice AKA ME!!!

One thing I do have feedback on which was not particularly obvious was the options on the left side of the screen it took me longer than it probably should to notice these so it may be worth doing something small in the UI to highlight that this is a nav bar possibly.

Revo Scan version: V5.0.0.177
System : Windows 10 Pro 22H2. Dell precision 5570, intel proV i7, Nvidia RTX A2000 8 GB
Scanner: POP2

I believed revoscan5 had frozen on me when processing a scan and I have tried several time to end the task Via task manager but it will not close (it hadn’t actually frozen but still was suprising that I couldnt kill it)


It looks amazing. A minor problem with USB connection on the newer MacBook is fixed.
Also the UI looks pretty amazing in 1 place, so I’m happy with that. The old 2 program version looked like a joke, but now… I’m impressed. GJ Revo Team !


Huge pay raise for Revo Team programmers !


Feedback - PC version

  • Simplifacation

It would be nice if we could include a target number of polygons as I was having good success exporting 25-30,000 to later use in fusion 360

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Hey guys!

I just started using RevoScan 5.0 and LOVE it!
Was just wondering if you could add a “Smooth Flat Surface” tool that finds flat surfaces on a part and smooths the whole surface to be completely flat (no bumps).

Also, RevoPoint or RevoScan should make/integrate a CAD extraction tool into the RevoScan software that turns the 3D Scan into a CAD model.

I await your response.


This function is still not added to the Mesh Editing tab , but will as I do used it every time in Revo Studio for quick export .

Under Mesh Edit , you have an option to smooth completely the surface still keep your edges hard .

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