[Winner Announced] Share Your Suggestions about POP Series & Win a MINI 3D Scanner for FREE

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We received 34 comments, therefore, the prize will be CARRYING CASE for 3 winners.

After discussed with our developer team, we choose @RobbWreck3D @LaserBorg @Sutorcen as the final winners. Congrats!

Please provide your shipping information before Jun 16, 6pm, Beijing time.

Dear users,

I noticed many of you had received the POP 2. Thank you so much for your patience. We added a card with the below content in the package to give feedback on all your support.

Now, the GIVEAWAY is available!

In the forum, we prefer that you can share your experience about POP 2 or the new software.

How to win?

Reply to this post with your suggestions about the POP 2 or the software - Revo Scan or Revo Studio;

Notice: When you share your suggestions about the Revo Scan, please follow this format.

Version Number: ______________ (For example: [Windows] RevoScan_4.0.0.20220227a.R)

Suggestion: __________________

Who can participate in?
This contest is only open to the users who bought a POP 2 or POP.

What’s the prize?
1.If the valid comment number is 1~20, the prize will be a Power Bank for 1 winner.
2.If the valid comment number is 20~50, the prize will be a CARRYING CASE for 3 winners.
3.If the valid comment number exceeds 50, the prize will be the latest 3D Scanner for 1 winner.

Contest Period:
Mar 23 - May 15, 2022.

Winner Announcement:
May 25, 2022


  1. Each ID/profile is entitled to ONE entry.

  2. Don’t copy other’s reply.

  3. Posts or comments with pornography or politics are prohibited and deleted once found. Besides, the ID will be banned.

  4. Revopoint will bear the shipping cost, while the winners need to cooperate to make the customs clearance and pay tax (if it has tax).

  5. Any changes can be made to this contest without prior notice.

  6. Revopoint has the right to choose all the winners, and the decision will be final and binding.

Notice: All Participants shall be deemed as having agreed to the Terms and Conditions

Version Number: [Windows] RevoScan_4.0.0.20220227a.R

Suggestion: Add GPU rendering support.

My poor 3600X has been maxed out for hours today while scanning and post processing results. The GPU has been sitting by with almost no load.


Version Number: [Windows] RevoScan_4.0.0.20220227a.R

Suggestion: Improve texturing process , color , brightness equalizer for the textures .The vertex color data is fine , but the UV mapping is not optimal . Or an option for own device to capture the color data and map it without using Color per vertex, but projecting it straight to the UVs . You will need minimal of 9 pictures of the object per one scan session. Right now the textures are better with POP2 than before but still fuzzy.


Version Number: [Windows] RevoScan_4.0.0.20220227a.R

We need the abiltiy to remove parts of the point cloud in the scanning software before meshing.

It makes no sense to have to load revostudio just to trim a part then go back into revoscan.


Version Number: [Windows] RevoScan_4.0.0.20220227a.R

Suggestion: Create separate scanning modes-- one for turntable, one for handheld. Then greatly increase the motion stabilization for the handheld mode.


Version Number: [Windows] RevoScan_4.0.0.20220227a.R

Suggestion: Make the application use the system font size, on systems like the Surface Pro, the font size is too small to comfortably read.


Version number: RevoScan_4.0.0.20220227a.R

Using Windows 10

I would love if you could add the option to export scans in the 3MF format. It would be ideal for me and many others too.


*Version Number: Revoscan
*Suggestion: Where to begin? There are so many things wrong with this software. I’m used to using an Artec Eva and their software is astounding and feature rich. This is like using something written for children. I’m just going to list all the things that need to be fixed, added or removed from the software.

  • Feature detection and tracking is very poor. While scanning, the frames will begin racing across the screen, no longer aligning with the previous frame.
  • Each scan group needs to remain separated so they can be aligned manually first before having the algorithm align the frames.
  • Make the GUI more easily understood.
  • In each scan group, some frames may be misaligned. Provide a way in the GUI to view and step through the scan frame by frame so individual frames may be deleted.
  • Change the wording from “Make sure to exit?” to “Are you sure you want to exit?”

Regarding the calibration of the scanner, there is a calibration card but no calibration software and no mention of how to download it.

Like I said, the scanner is great. It’s the software that falls very far from the mark. Fix the software and you’ll have great product. For now, it’s only good enough to scan figurines, diecast cars and other small objects you can place on the turntable. Which makes me think; the turntable does not have a speed adjustment. One speed does not work for every object being scanned.

This is my two cents. I hope you will consider seriously these shortcomings.

Thank you


Going to toss another one in here since I can’t edit my original post (and got a response in the Support & Feedback section that the current libraries are limited to CPU-only.)

Version Number: Revoscan

Suggestion: Add a notification pop-up for when each post-processing step is completed (fusing, meshing, and texturing – non-batch processing) to alert the user that the results are ready.

Additionally, I’m not sure how the percentage is calculated but it doesn’t seem tied to the time remaining.


*Version Number: RevoScan_4.0.0.20220227a

*Suggestion: Create a masking function to select a specific area to record scanned data. The feature would allow the prevention of a false object from being recorded by the scanner. It would allow the scanner to have a greater area of view for orientation. A mask would be placed around the specified area of the model. The markers outside the mask would still be used for orientation, but the markers or any surface plane reflection would not be accidently recorded by the scanner as a false object.
It’s purpose would be to create a more accurate focal point of scanning. This would also allow the exclusions of objects close by that would likely be recorded at the outside of the frame such as wall corners, overhangs, or stepped/detailed surface planes.


Version Number: Windows RevoScan


  • Premium bundle doesn’t include a cable to charge the power bank.
  • 4K video scaling is not supported very well at all. UI elements are too small to read and/or are cropped/clipped.
  • Installation Digital Certificate has company name “TODO”. Security issue.
  • Still requires Admin elevation to run. Security issue.
  • Configuring the default project folder can be done in settings. However changing the folder in the new project is not persisted. It does say “change”, why doesn’t it stay changed?
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Version number: RevoScan_4.0.0.20220227a.R

Using Windows 10

When scanning heads, the scanner struggles to hold fiducials, embedding a lot of noise into the existing scan. This would be nice if it were less. Since it is cumbersome to work this out.

Version Number: RevoScan_4.0.0.20220227a.R
Suggestion: a 10 foot long USB 3.0 (scanner side) to USB C

I think that a USB to USB C would make a huge benefit since where my computer is compared to where I’m able to scan, the supplied cable is not long enough. I think that a 4, 6 and 10 foot long USB C cable would be a better option for the kit or to purchase from the store.

the USB C cable would make a better more stable connection to the PC or Laptop compared to the normal USB 3.0.

Version Number: [Windows] RevoScan_4.0.0.20220227a.R

Add feature to delete unnecessary point cloud


Version Number: [Windows] RevoScan_4.0.0.20220227a.R

I have used some type of 3d scanner ,such as cr scan01,iPhone13 pro,pop2.I find tracking and large data storage is the same importance as accuracy. For example,I use Heges on iphone, lidar will not loss tracking ,even it face with black and mirror reflection,I think it must rely on gyroscope camera and large frame. The face id will easily loss tracking, because of the smaller frame and it don’t rely on gyroscope.These two
Method of scanning use gyroscope or not you can test in elevator or in a car .
Why I choose Heges not other software ,I have plenty of software. Because it can switch to infinity memory mode. The maximum memory I spent in a file reached to 3GB, but it only can open the file of 2GB. The frames of POP2 on phone may be extended by means of Heges.
Let’s talk about Cr scan01 the frame of it is larger but the accuracy is rough. The thacking system don’t have marker mode. Which will loss accuracy.
In theory, when pop2 loss track, the tracking system should compare the data with gyroscope,it will not give a very wrong model,but the reality is it goes far far away ,or it keep rotating.I didn’t see the gyroscope play it’s roll in the whole scanning process. Also you can use camera data to compare the background. I have another theory, would it be possible to put a projector,it can poject dots to the big object like walls, it can help camera match the frame real time, When I face an object with less features,the only way is use marker, but the definition of pop is easy using. If i just need rough 3d model the projector setup in a stable place might be a good solution.
If you have confuse about my opinion,you can contact me my phone is +8613331976339

I just received my POP2 from Kickstarter, thanks a lot!

Version Number: [Windows] RevoScan_4.0.0.20220227a.R.exe


  1. have a “start scan” button on the welcome screen, not just after the “new scan” menu. Since I already see the live scan result, let me record it.

  2. remember last project path, not “%userpath%/handylookdata”. That’s a strange name anyway :slight_smile:

  3. VERY IMPORTANT: allow slider of infrared (IR) cam exposure be < 1.
    Else you really cannot record in manual mode since it will burn out very easily.

  4. allow slider of RGB cam exposure in smaller steps. right now it is ± 7 steps, that’s too coarse.

  5. VERY IMPORTANT: the texture quality is below acceptable quality:
    5.1 Allow texture resolution to be >> 2048 pixels (e.g. 8k → 8192) as it seems to be determined automatically right now,
    5.2 provide compression settings (jpg compression quality, optionally lossless → png)
    5.3 UV projection / packing does not fill entire UV space, wasting resolution.

  6. preview: when model shows texture, disable default light (set shader to “unlit” instead). Since the recorded texture acts like a texture bake → contains diffuse color / lighting, there is no point in having a point light and glossy shader breaking the appearance.

  7. allow aborting the meshing operation, and enable going back to the point cloud and mesh with different settings (denoise, density …)

  8. pausing/continuing the scan quite often does not fit perfectly but results in some offset. so ICP algorithm needs finetuning (maybe less tollerance?).
    Maybe doen’t really matter though, since I realize that all frames are recorded independently and it seems like fuse operation goes through them all again, probably performing better …

  9. In “turntable mode”, texture tends to get messy because when the model gets layed on it’s face, shadows appear where areas should be bright and nice. solution: let the user record and review RGB frames with known cam extrinsics ( = relative position and orientation to model) and use them for custom texturisation,
    or export geometry with cameras included or separate as SfM-file along with the RGB texture fotos, and let the user do it in meshlab if neccesary.

  10. to export cameras along geometry, provide *.fbx or *.dae export.


Version Number : Android RevoScan 3.0.3_20220401

Suggestion : App should be able to reserve and use Internal storage of the Phone instead of only the ram.
And also give visual feedback how much of available space is used in the current scan. Maybe how many frames are left before fusing points is needed


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