New RevoScan 5.0

As there is a first review of revopoint RANGE scanner out being used with new revoscan 5.0 software (link at the end) I would like to start a new thread on that.

First of all: once again, revopoint team, you seen to have done An OUTSTANDING job on that SOFTWARE! :clap: It looks packed with features, things we have been asking for and and now also looking much more mature. @PopUpTheVolume : once again you didn’t “promise” to much.

So, when are we going to see some in depth review of that version? I wouldn’t mind having some more informations disclosed and for sure the existing (and potential new) users and RANGE backers wouldn’t either. :wink: Any ETA on release date? I wouldn’t mind having and testing a beta version​:grin:



Well Ivan , the premiere should be next Saturday on Revopoint live stream show with Kevin , Ash and me , so make sure you don’t miss our in deep review .

As you may know , we have a great official group of Beta Testers that finding all little bugs for you guys in RS5

Our official Beta Testers team :
In non specific order
Cassie @Revopoint3D-Cassie
Catharina @PopUpTheVolume
Johnathan @Johnathan
Cristian @Cristi
Sam @Samlilly2
Benoit @shadows44
Alex @eXplOiD
Terry @Tbastian
Davide @dfodaro
Jim @jumbonot
Jermaul @Xile6
Kyle @digital0785

And the big first props and cudos should go to them in first place for helping making Revo Scan better for everyone.
And of course last but not least the Revopoint Dev.Team for the amazing new design .

Any questions? … don’t hesitate to ask …

We have
Windows RS5
Mac RS5
Android RS5


Happy to be a part of it… Been trying to help with suggestions and bugs since day 1 as cassie and some others know just glad to see things progressing :slight_smile:


That’s some great news! Looking forward to!
I would like to see some “what is new”, “what is better than previous versions”, at least quick walkthrough using one or more scan examples and ETA :blush::sweat_smile:


Well Ivan , everything is new … new design , Revo Studio mixed together with Revo Scan providing full functionally and editing while scanning .

The new TAB are Scanning, Editing , Align
You can scan partial objects one by one , edit them and prepare for Align without import export saving , each project is saved automatic in a session and can be merged with each other .

The Meshing function improved very much providing lots of details .
The tracking function improved as well.

You can now see the speed of the frames being captured , and also Temperature of your scanner .

The preview show up only if you want it , you can now set up your scanning preferences direct in the software without pop up windows

Editing is now much faster , so not need to wait forever for selecting points .

What really changed is that there is not automatic process anymore .
After you fuse your scan ,you need to clean it by removing overlapped points and removing eventual lose points .

Some people may find it an extra job , but that is a very good workflow , as you control the situation fully , so the merged objects always have the same level and not produced by random algorithms.

Well everything is new since most of the codes are rewritten.

Regarding scan examples they looks as good as my last examples on live stream , maximum quality 1:1 so the meshing compared to RS 4.3.1 is almost 4 times better in details especially when scanning big objects with Range , it uses the point cloud optimal compared to just 10% in current official version .

Overall it is looking more professional, easy to the eyes and clear for the workflow .

I prepare different scanning situations videos for the live stream on upcoming Saturday , so you can see it fully in action . All question going to be answered in real time .

Forgot to mention Android app , I was able to scan quick my whole sofa with just a 6GB RAM on my phone .

The best part is , you don’t have to fuse it on your phone anymore , just scan and import automatic everything to your PC , all you need is to be connected on the same internal network and with one push your desired project from your phone moving to RS5 list … for fusing , editing

This means phone will save now the full project , allows you to scan bigger stuff , very much improved app and tracking as well .


Thanks Kyle! Truly appreciate your time on this ! Together we make it better ! It is important input from the end users .

Wow! Can’t wait!
@PopUpTheVolume at what time is the launch?


Great news. Version 5 looks impressive on the video. The relatively poor software has really been holding the scanners back from their full potential.


Wow, as I’ll mainly use my Range on Android, the option to do the fusing directly on the pc is a massive improvement for me :smile:

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Around 7PM EST March 11


Yes it is , I was surprised the first time I used it for testing and discovered that I don’t need to fuse it at all , this allows you to make a lot of scans and quick … and fuse them all later on computer .

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That’s always with the software , so far it brings the max from the point cloud .
I was kidding saying " For now CC can finally retire "

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Thx for sharing the information @PopUpTheVolume and these great appetizers, looking forward to the stream, unfortunately I probably will not be able to watch it live as then still working.
Already able to share ETA for 5.0?


Not yet , it depends of the final tests results . We may know more on upcoming Saturday. But the answer would be ASAP. :wink:

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Will watch the relive… For Europe it’s midnight…

It ist 7PM ,not 7AM, so 7PM EST is around 1PM in Europe, depending where you live :wink:

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I can make a 3d scan of my wife, but can’t understand the difference between AM and PM. What a beautiful world… :slight_smile:

making a 3d scan might be more important, as not any wife is willing to stand still for long enough for a proper 3d scan (I know that!) . but that video you can watch any time :wink:
but now you might watch it live :slight_smile:

Maybe you’ve seen the scan of my pregnant wife… That’s impossible now, yesterday she gave birth to my beautiful daughter :heart_eyes:

Now aiming to scan my baby…

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No it is 1AM in Europe , 0:00 in UK
EST is 6 h behind of Central Europe time .
1pm in Europe is 7am in New York EST