Terms and Conditions of Revopoint Contest

1. Scope of application

1.1 This Terms and Conditions applies to the participants who take part in this Revopoint Contest (hereinafter referred to as the “Activity”), the participants have full authority to choose whether to participate in this activity. Participation in this activity in part or in full shall be deemed as the participant having fully understood and accepted all terms and conditions contained herein including activity rules set forth.

2. Organizer:

2.1 This Activity is organized by Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc (the “Organizer”).

3. Who can participate in this activity?

3.1 The activity is open to all persons who, at the date of entry, are aged 18 years or over;

3.2 The Organizer’s employees, their immediate family members, and employees of cooperation partners who are or were involved in creating or implementing the activity, are excluded from participation;

3.3 Participation must be original work of one’s own. Entries cannot contain any infringing, threatening, false, misleading, abusive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic or profane content, or content related to inappropriate political content.

4. Participation

4.1 Participation in the activity is free of charges and fees and does not require the purchase of goods and/or services.

4.2 To participate the activity, the participants need to make sure he/she are eligible for participation. Only the entries from eligible participants will count to compete for the prize.

4.3 Comments containing any defamatory, obscene, illegal, offensive, or any other unsuitable material will be disqualified and withdrawn by the participant. Comments sent in through agents, third parties or multiple accounts from the same IP will be disqualified.

4.4 If the participants join this contest, it means they agree that the Organizer use their showcases or suggestions or designs for promotion or product development and so on.

4.5 The Organizer accepts no responsibility for incomplete, incorrectly completed, lost or delayed entries to this activity or for any malfunctions or failures in the software that has been designed to maintain the participant’s details.

4.6 The Organizer reserves the right to exclude a participant who violates these Conditions of Participation, tampers with the activity, or makes false representations/votes or statements that violate applicable law or infringe third-party rights (includes but not limited “using the same IP to create multiple accounts to join/vote to win” and so on). If a participant is excluded, prizes and benefits may be subsequently revoked and reclaimed.

5. Notification of winners

5.1 After the result is announced, the winners must claim their prizes by sending the message with their contact information (including but not limited to your name, email, postal code, phone number, shipping address, delivery tracking number, shipment number, and tax ID number) on time. Failure to provide the above information as required within the deadline specified in the message will be deemed that the winner has given up the right to claim the prize.

5.2 The prizes are not transferable to another individual, or redeemed for cash or other alternatives.

5.3 The delivery date of prizes can’t be promised because of the pandemic influence. The Organizer will assume the express fees. If a prize is not distributed to a winner due to the winner’s fault (including but not limited to failure to provide the contact information or inaccurate or incomplete contact information such that the organizer is unable to contact you, or not cooperate to do the customs clearance), the winner shall be deemed as having waived the right to claim the prize and no prize shall be distributed to you.

5.4 In the event of an accident, if the designated prizes cannot be provided, the Organizer has the right to change the Prizes with prizes of similar value without prior notification at its sole and absolute discretion.

5.5 After receiving the prizes, winners should confirm the prizes on the spot. If an abnormality is found, please contact the sender directly. If the prize is found to be damaged after signing, the Organizer will not be liable. Unless it is due to willful intent or gross negligence of the organizer, the organizer shall not bear any liabilities for any accidents suffered by you arising from receipt or use of the prize.

5.6 To comply with possible laws and regulations, if the winner’s country has certain laws and regulations on the maximum prize value for online activity, the Organizer will send prizes within the maximum value allowed by local laws and regulations.

5.7 The Organizer does not accept any responsibility if you are not able to take up the prize because of any reasons (including but not limited to lost shipments or other reasons).

6. Data Protection

You agree and acknowledge that you shall provide authentic personal information, such as your name, email, postal code, phone number, shipping address, delivery tracking number, shipment number, and tax ID number, for the purposes of contact and prize distribution. The Organizer shall collect and process your personal information solely for the aforementioned purposes and to the extent permitted by applicable law.

7. Miscellaneous

7.1 In the event of circumstances outside the reasonable control of the Organizer, or otherwise where fraud, abuse, and/or an error (human or technical) affects or could affect the proper operation of this activity or the awarding of prizes, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel or amend these terms and conditions at any stage without further notification to the participants, but will endeavor to minimize the effect to participants in order to avoid undue disappointment.

7.2 If any provision of these Conditions of Participation is held invalid by any law, rule, order or regulation of any government, or by the final determination of any court of a competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the enforce-ability of any other provisions not held to be invalid.

7.4 All legal relationships arising because or in connection with these terms and conditions and the activity are subject to the law of the People’s Republic of China. Any disputes arising from or in connection with this activity shall be negotiated in good faith. If no agreement has been reached within fifteen (15) days from the date on which the aforementioned negotiation starts, the parties agree to submit the dispute to the People’s Court in Nanshan District, Shenzhen for litigation.

Privacy Statement of Revopoint Contest

This Revopoint Contest is organized by Revopoint. (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “Revopoint”). We are a company registered in Guangdong China. We can be contacted by mail at China Office - Room 706B, Block A, TCL Building, Shennan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen or through our official website: revopoint3d.com

1. How Revopoint Collects and Uses Your Personal Information

Personal information means any information that enable Revopoint to identify you as a user. As part of the Revopoint Contest we will collect and use your personal information only for the purposes stated in this Statement.

To operate the Revopoint Contest and provide the prizes to the winner, we need to collect and process the winners’ following information: Name, email, postal code, phone number, shipping address, delivery tracking number, shipment number, and tax ID number to send the prize to you. Our legal grounds for processing such data is to provide you with requested services and to fulfil our contractual obligations to you (aforementioned Terms and Conditions). Revopoint will also process your data for the following purposes. You can always and at any moment object to such processing please see section 3, Your Rights as a Data Subject (below). Revopoint will process the personal information you provided in your application as required by laws and regulations applicable to Revopoint.

Security and fraud control: we use the personal information you provided at entry based on our legitimate interests to ensure compliance with the Terms and Conditions for your participation. If you fail to provide certain information to us, you may be prevented from participating in the Revopoint Contest.

2. Data Storage Location and Retention

2.1 Data Storage Retention Period

All data of winners who join in this contest will be stored in China and managed by Revopoint Forum’s official administration team in Shenzhen, China. We retain your personal information for no longer than is necessary to achieve the stated purposes. All data will be stored for a period of 3 months from the closing date of the Revopoint Contest and will then be deleted unless there is a legal obligation to store them.

2.2 Transfer and disclosure

Your data will be transmitted to employees of Revopoint who are responsible for running the Revopoint Contest . We will also transfer the data in some cases to service providers who are directly involved in the Revopoint Contest as a partner or who are processing the data on our behalf. This includes using a third party to ship prizes to the winners of the Revopoint Contest.

2.3 International Transfers of Your Personal Data

In order to ship the prize to you, we may have to transfer your personal data (contact information which includes but not limited to your name, email, postal code, phone number, shipping address, delivery tracking number, shipment number, and tax ID number) to our shipping agency among several countries.

If you do not provide such information, you will not be able to receive the prize. With respect to personal data coming from the EU or Switzerland, we comply with applicable legal requirements providing adequate safeguards for the transfer of personal data to China. We use a variety of legal mechanisms, such as standard contractual clauses to implement the cross-border transfer of your personal data;

3. Your Rights as a Data Subject

You have the following rights and choices by contacting us (You can find the contact information from section 4.Contact us):

• Right of access by the data subject

• Right to rectification

• Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’)

• Right to restriction of processing

• Right to data portability

• Right to object

4. Contact us

Please contact us for any questions or comments regarding this program by sending private message Revopoint or clicking here ( https://www.revopoint3d.com/ ) to submit them to our global offices.

5. Updates to This Statement

Revopoint reserves the right to modify this Privacy Notice, and will note the date of its most recent revision below. If we make significant changes to this Privacy Notice, and where required by applicable law, we will either notify you by prominently posting a notice of such change or directly send you a notification.

IMPORTANT: This privacy statement is a privacy commitment for Revopoint Contest.

The Revopoint Contest may be promoted on third party platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This privacy notice does not cover your use of these platforms. You should instead refer to the privacy notice of the relevant platform operator.

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