[Windows & Mac ] Revopoint Calibration Software

Note: It is not recommended to calibrate a new scanner. Please perform a Calibration test before actual Calibration if you think it is needed , to see if your device actually needs Calibration or not

Please download Calibration software for POP2 & MINI ( POP, Range and POP3 is not supported with this version of Calibration software, please do not attempt)

Windows : Revo_Calibration_for_win_v1.0.2.31.zip - Google Drive
Mac : Revo_Calibration_for_mac_v1.0.1.17.zip - Google Drive

Calibration Tutorial:

Calibration Manual

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when will Pop3 / Range calibration be available?

Sorry I don’t know the time , but it will be probably integrated into Revo Scan 5 in the future. POP3 will require a different calibration board and so Range as you know already .

Pop3 comes with it’s calibration Board.

Range does not. It would be of great value if Revopoint uploaded the calibration patterns as PDF so people with access to a flat printer could print these boards in case of damage or in case of Range absence

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There is a different board that Beta user received for POP3 .You can see it on the product preview of POP3 .

I don’t know if there will be any board for Range as I heard nothing about yet .
Plans yes but when? No idea …

So the beta boards are paperweight?
Where can i find the preview you mention?

i ran calibration, it worked well, but now revoScan 5 won’t connect to the scanner

  • restarted mac, replugged scanner, same issue
  • calibration still can connect to it
  • restored defaults from calibration, scanner still won’t connect to revoScan, but it will connect to cali

edit 1: (note, it’s a MINI)
edit 2: Macbook Pro, M1, revoScan worked fine yesterday before calibration
edit 3: split cable didn’t work for either program, usb cable still working for cali but not scan

Hi @enyoc please send an email to customer@revopoint3d.com ASAP including your information above .

Check if the back of the scanner light is green or red.

The calibration should not affect any connection to Revo Scan , something went wrong while updating the calibration on the device .

Try to make another calibration in main time and then try to connect to Revo Scan again , if still issue please write to customer@revopoint3d.com , they will help you out fixing this issue with Mac .

You can try also this if the light is red on the back : [Tutorial] MINI | POP2 | RANGE - Firmware Update Error - Tip | Fix - #6

My new POP3 just arrived and first thing that popped up (no pun intended) when connected was that the IMU needs to be calibrated, yet you said it is not recommended to calibrate a new scanner.
What to do? Thanks!

IMU is the motion sensor it is ok to recalibrate

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You have to calibrate it for better tracking … that is a different kind of calibration please you must do it …


Hi @enyoc ,

Can you download the new V5.1.0 and have a try?
Here is the download version for Mac: https://www.revopoint3d.com/wp-content/uploads/download/RevoScan5-5.1.0.pkg


back in business - thanks!


5.1 is nice! thanks again!