Just goto the Revo 2. Where's the Calibration app?

Hello guys.
Amazon just delivered my Revo2. I’m trying to start the process with the Calibration of the scanner.
But can´t find it anywhere. MAC user.


You don’t starting the process with Calibration , unless something is seriously wrong after shipping , and it is called POP2 not Revo2.

You will find all latest software including beta in the forum under Starting Point

There is also Download Center on the Revopoint website under Support but only with official software versions … I suggest you download the newest from the forum .

Note: Make first 3 calibration tests and the lowest will be your actual score , if the value is below 0.0xxx just leave it as it is .

Revopoint’s devices don’t have to be calibrated before each usage as other scanners usually do , since the calibration is not phisical and alignment is purely adjustable digitally to fix eventual shifting of camera sensors while shipping or heavy shaking . So always test first and the software will tell you if you need to Calibrate . But usually any value below 0.0XXX is just fine .

Congrats on your new tool :+1:t2:


It can’t be out of calibration until you don’t run a test first .
It will tell you if you need to calibrate or not .
Usually new devices don’t need calibration , you find the software in the Starting point section of the forum .
Also make backup of the original calibration before anything .