[Tutorial] MINI | POP2 | RANGE - Firmware Update Error - Tip | Fix

This tip is for an issue when you start Revo Scan and you get prompt pop up window asking you to upgrade your device’s firmware but after the process your device got stuck on blue light and can’t connect back to Revo Scan .
This means, your device is in safe upgrade mode that did not finished correctly .

To prepare your device for correct update in this case please follow exactly the next steps .

  1. When the device is off and not connected to the computer do as follow:
    Press and hold the play button on the back of your device and connect to USB ( computer, power source )

  2. While you holding the play button the led will turn Red , release quickly the play button on your device

  3. When the Red led turns Green, quickly press and hold the play button on your device , you have only 2 seconds to do so

  4. Release the play button on your device once the Green led light turns Blue

  5. Now connect the USB power and data cables as usually you do and start Revo Scan software
    after a couple of seconds you should have a new pop up windows asking you if you want to continue upgrading your firmware , click continue to finish your process.

Screenshot 2022-12-05 072059

After you are finished you should get conformation

Screenshot 2022-12-05 072441

Now if you want to keep your current firmware and skip the firmware upgrade for any reason .

Follow the steps above from 1-4
and when the led on your device turns blue on step 4, click fast 10 times the play button on the back of your device.
The led light will turns green and you will be able to connect your device again and use it as you always do. ( just ignore the pop up window on start if you don’t want to continue upgrading your device for any reason )

I hope it will help you in the future if you run into problems upgrading your Firmware

have a good one and happy scanning !