Calibrating my Revo Mini, and the Revo Range

Could you please show mw how to calibrate the Revo Mini, and the Range ?
I have no calibrating board with the range, so how do we do it ?
Thank you !

Start calibrating Mini , you will see step by step while calibration what to do and how to proper hold the scanner while your own device calibration . It will guide you .

However I saw you post about selling Range and Mini , so I would not recommend to calibrate it if you are about to sell it . Keep the original calibration

Hi, there are calibration boards for the Range indeed.

You can purchase them here:

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I have it , but funny thing is , nobody mentioned it early that Miraco’s boards can be used with Range and Range 2 , that’s new .
Same as POP3 and INSPIRE cal.boards are the same .


WoW, no wonder they did not included the calibration board with the range ! $52.00 US dollars, are kidding me !

There was not calibration boards when Range was released . It was produced recently. That are a very big boards .

I did not calibrated yet my Range 1 , and I have it for very long time before the release and still very accurate .

possible to print out for the Range?

You can’t print it , unless you have a industrial printer for that size
and you can print on reflective surface . Any changes in dimensions will result in failure even slightly.

I already asked the team about when Range 1 was released.

Personally I find the boards too expensive, but if you spent so much money on the scanner it is not .

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Yes, the surface is very reflective, any calibration with a “printed” version cannot be reliable at all.

I got them because my Range was not very accurate since the last 3 months. Much better now.

In my case, I did not get them because I spent so much on the scanner, but because I spent so little! :laughing: I managed to get one of the super-deals in Kickstarter, so invest a bit more on it made sense :slight_smile:


In this case you still a winner !

I got one with MIRACO , but if I did not I would eventually buy it sonner or later .
I have Range 1 and Range 2 + Miraco

The reflective surface is very important for the Depth sensor , but for calibrating Range 1 you need to use good lighting as well for the calibration of RGB since Range 1 don’t have LED lighting build in .


Calibration on my mini is very hard to do. I have to hold the scanner steady, but it’s always moving and not catching anything…!

I would have been curious to see a video of someone doing it whit the Mini 1.

Sit in a chair put the board on the table , secure your elbow on a table and you have much more steady situation , then follow the screen instruction .

You can also sit on one chair , secure your elbows on your knees and take another chair in front of you , this is how I do it .
Then move it according to screen instruction .

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i got mini 1 also , but as long as mini 1 has calibration board come with the original box