[Tips] What can you do when your phone is almost out of memory? - Multiple Scans

When the scanned object is too big or the phone is with limited memory, scan a part of the object first. After the point cloud fuses automatically of the first part, scan the rest. If necessary, you can scan the object several times to get a complete 3D model.

For example:

  1. Devices connecting;
    Note:Make sure your Wi-Fi is off !

  2. Handy Scan setting;

3.Parameters adjusting(Auto → Manual);

4.Scanning at an Excellent distance;

5.Click “Complete” to finish the 1st part scanning

6.Point cloud fusing successfully;

7.Click" start" to scan for the 2nd time;

8.After finishing the 2nd scanning, you can repeat step 7 or stop scanning;

9.Process the 3D model;

10.Check without RGB;


thank you soooo much for this tutorial! I didn’t know this is possible on a smartphone and it solves that problem I thought I could only solve by scanning wit a PC/Laptop. I am so glad I don’t need to buy a smartphone with more RAM anymore :grin:

This proves just once more there were some smart thinking engineers developing this cool scanner.


you should post these helpful tutorials as short instructional videos on you tube!

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Hi, @ivan Glad that it is helpful for you. We will keep sharing such tutorial articles and videos.


Great tip! I was confused by how to do this!

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I would like to pickup this topic again with the new POP2 scanner and updated Android app. I use a Huawei P30Pro with 8GB RAM. Unfortunately I run most of time quickly in “Out of memory” issue. It is one of my major concerns. What would be the best way to avoid trouble with “Out of memory” issue? Why I am not able to re-open a file in my model list (like with the Windows app) on Android?

Scan, stop before you run out of memory (this will usually be the same number of frames each time), fuse, then continue scanning.

Repeat as needed.

Remember that merging scans in Revo Studio is also an option.

Thank you @JeffLindstrom but is this a official answer? Is there no way to avoid that or minimum could not the software stopp automatically before running out of memory? For me the Android app works better then the Windows RevoScan software but the “out of memory” issue is the main issue to not use it often. I know no other Android app with such an issue and I would say my smartphone is one of the “upper class”. I would highly appreciate if the software developers could fix this for all of us.

For now, it is the official answer.

Keeping track of available memory is a good idea. Adding an audio alert (maybe with a sliding tonal scale) seems quite workable.

Perhaps @Revopoint3D-Cassie will comment on this possibility.

Maybe a level bar (with color code → green-yellow-red) would be also nice. But overall, is there no chance to fix to problem in general? I do not no way other app with such a problem.

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@Obicom with my smartphone at 6GB RAM I was able to scan at max 850 frames in color at high accuracy , and when I reached my maximum frames the app stopped scanning with a message .
You should stop at 300 frames and fuse it before continuing scanning as that is what you need for a full round of your object. Scanning more frames at once will result in a messy point cloud anyway.

You wonder why ? you are shutting thousands of pictures at once and processing it using virtual memory , I don’t think any of your apps do that heavy load job.

The early version of the app saved the pictures to the internal storage and people complained about scan projects eating away their internal space , so Revo removed the cache , it is never good for anybody no matter what the option is provided . I would prefer to have it saved directly to my project so I can fuse it all on my PC later , but because of some cheap phone owners that had low storage capacity I need to fuse it now on my phone in real time being limited by the amount of RAM . How stupid , how it even improved anything if the old phone owners don’t have more than 4GB of RAM or even less.

Thank you @PopUpTheVolume for your explanation. What I can’t understand why Revopoint realize it not with a button/switch to switch internal cache option on/off. That would fit for all, new and old smartphone users. For me it is really annoying and disappointing.


@Obicom , I giving myself the same question . Hopefully it will get restored soon . I really don’t want to fuse the points on my phone , huge waste of time , an option to keep the cache intact would be the answer , and many users will be very happy about that . I have 256GB internal memory on my phone, just perfect for that . I will talk again on Monday with Revopoint to see what can be done in this case.

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That would be great @PopUpTheVolume … the same in my case … 256GB internal memory. If I can help or support to convince Revopoint please let me know. Also a pity that it is not possible to re-open a file in the gallery again to restart scanning. This is possible on PC software but unfortunately not with the Android app.

The reason for that is that the cache is loaded to your RAM and the data is gone the moment you fusing your point cloud .

I don’t think they need to be convinced about that , they do listen to their customers , we see what the programmer has to say about that option , finger crossed.

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Hi @Obicom @JeffLindstrom @PopUpTheVolume ,

I noticed the tips you mentioned and will discuss them with our developer team.

Best Regards

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@Obicom @JeffLindstrom Cassie just let me know before she left that the Developer Team already added the cache option to the " to do list " but it may take a little longer to accomplish it, it is not quick task , but good thing is , we will get the option sooner or later .


I can’t figure out how to get this to work with Revo Scan rather than Handy Scan. Once the point cloud is fused, the closest thing I see to an option to complete the scanning is a button with a triangle pointing to the right with a circle around it. If I press that button, I seem to go back to the scanning GUI, but I see what looks like two scans: the old original scan, and a new scan that doesn’t quite overlap.

What has happened here is that Revo Scan has lost tracking. To correct this, adjust the view so that a previously-scanned area with unique features is in the center and wait a few seconds for tracking to be re-acquired. Then, continue scanning new areas.

@jjramsey after fusing is complete you need to click the next button below the fuse button to mesh it .

The button on the right will bring you back to scanning , stay with the buttons on the left side only to complete your scan .