Android App, Ram ---> internal storage


After many testing, I love the android app, but on thing disapoint me :
You really need to use only the phone RAM ?
Can’t you use the internal storage space instead or at same time ?

My phone have 6Go RAM, but it’s only enought to make ~750 frames, and ~ 560 in color.
It’s far not enought for a bigger and detailed scan,
The internal storage (not an SD but the phone internal memory) is fast enought to stock data in live, Can you make Handy scan to use them ? to not limit the 3d scan so fast ?
Because it’s a real big brake for the android app because of this.


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Hi Zoltan,

Nice suggestion! I will transfer it to our product manager.

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I don’t think your ram is the limiting factor here. It sounds like you are talking about storage capacity and in that case you should be able to save to your SD card without additional support from the developer. In your android settings there should be an option to move apps to your SD card.

You are totally wrong, I’m also android dev, and the software use only the ram as storage while scanning.
There was no move to SD thing at all, especially because I don’t have SD on my phone and have 31gb on the virtual SD and 7gb on the system partition.
And also because I tested them on multiple phones and when they have the same ram, the numbers of frames are quite identical.

Hi Zoltan,

This feature is under developing, and will be improved in the future version (Not next version as it needs some time, but we’re working on it).


I wonder if something like this - 10+ ways to increase RAM in Android phones - - would trick it into thinking you have more memory. Hopefully there is an easier way to do it rather than all the rooting and such but if it shows as RAM to the phone it should show as RAM to the program…??

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If you have enabled Developer Options, you can easily display how much RAM is available (also, how much is being used by each app). That will give us a better idea of how much memory is used per frame.

I typically have 1.6 GB of RAM unallocated after a few days of use after rebooting. After a fresh reboot, that increases to 2.1 GB. I also have an app (Boost+) that cleans memory (often prompting me to do that), but that only freed an additional .2 GB, taking me to 2.3 GB free to use.


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Hi @Zoltan3D @KnightRid @Brownrt @JeffLindstrom you can try this way: 1. You can “complete” the scanning when it is almost out of memory. (The memory is clean up then, and it counts from 1 frame again) 2. Click “Start” to continue your scanning.

This is exactly the same process on my Tango Dev tablet

Hello, I saw this also on a tutorial, but how do I recognize that the RAM is “almost” used up?

I thought I had tried this, but I must be doing something wrong because starting again is the same as starting a new scan.

Please correct this sequence if I have made a mistake.

  1. Start scan (triangle pointing to the right).
  2. Before running out of memory, hit Pause (2 vertical bars in the same place as the Start button).
  3. Press Stop (square button below the Start/Pause button).
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 as needed.


Hi! well, actually the app stops automatically when the max. amount of picture taken is reached, which depends on RAM available. with my huawei p30 pro and 8gb Ram this is the case at about 1000 frames.

Thank you.
Do I then still have the chance to continue scanning after “complete”? Well, I think I just have to try, I had to stop when I tested it because the battery ran out.

check this thread! :wink: