First face Scan

My first shared face scan, just published on FB :smile:

App : Windows - ver.
Mode : Face
Environment : Indoor


great! and now go for a full head scan! :grimacing:

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ouch, still have to figure out how I will do that :thinking: :sweat_smile:

I mounted my pop on a photo tripod and placed it so it points torward me form slightly above, so I can turn around on a swivel chair freely without crashing into it. I use my smartphone which i hold in front of me to check the scan progress. First I scan the face, then pause the scan, readjust the settings so my hair get scan and continue the scanning. while turning around I also tilt my head up and down to have everything scanned.
I look forward to you scans! :beers:


hm… I get the thing with the tripod and swivel chair, that sounds good. Don’t have much experience with the Smartphone App (mine has little memory), I will go through the workflow to check that; but when you say you pause to adjust settings, you mean you can change the ‘Mode’ ? Or what setting ? When resuming scan will it have the memory available again ? I think I just need to go through some testing honestly :sweat_smile:

when you press pause(on the right) you can adjust the settings (on the left) prior to continue scanning.

EDIT: when you press STOP, and compute, software frees RAM and by Pushing PLAY again
you can continue to scan your subject!) so little memory/RAM isn’t an issue.
Look here!