Revoscan 5 APP limit 1500 frames

Dear Fellow Revo scan users,

I tried to scan a larger object using the Revo Scan app on my phone. However, I received a notification at 1500 frames stating that this is my limit. I have over 30GB of storage space available on my phone, so it shouldn’t be an issue. Is there something I’m doing wrong, or is this a hard limit of the application?

Thank you for your time .

The Marshall

PUTV Edit : This option is no more available in Revo Scan 5 App, since the app saving now full project and the limitation of your phone’s RAM is the maximum capacity you can reach for one project , for example if your phone have 6GB of RAM, your single project cant reach more than 2000 frames, no matter you continue scanning after or not , so fusing and meshing your object between scanning will not free your RAM on mobile apps

hi! follow this and ram size is no issue anymore.the software UI changed a bit ,but the principle is still the same to free RAM and continue scanning.

Ram not disk space. This limit is depended upon your device.
I have seen my ipad cap at 2000 while my fold 4 phone 4000.

Hi @TheMarshall

it looks like your phone RAM capacity is around 4GB or maybe 6GB what give you around 1500-2000 frames Max , and if you run a lot of apps in the background and system then even less .

1500 frames is a lot , it should be enough to scan full 6 ft/2m person in 4 sections , preserve your frames by not over scanning too much areas you scanned already , no more than 20%

If your scanned object is not a human or moving object, I recommend you scanning partial sections of the object and merge it later in Revo Scan 5 on your computer, this way you don’t have to process it on your phone to get better quality.
Just scan with 1500 frames whatever you can , then stop the scanning and return to the main Home tab in the app , and start a new project continuing scanning where you left keeping at least 20% overlap.
After you finish you can import the projects to Revo Scan 5 on your computer, fuse the scans and merge them .

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@ivan after RS5 scanned 2000 frames on my phone with 6GB RAM, I still have 3GB available but the software will not use it becouse it will run the phone out of RAM if it do and crash the phone while processing of the scan . The reason we are now able to save the full project on mobile apps is to get around that issue and get better processing on computers by importing the single projects .

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Thank you all for replying,

I have indeed a smartphone with 6Gb of ram memory,

I will try all your advise,
And if a must scan more then 1500 frames I must fuse the point cloud en start a new project and merge this 2 projects together,

Thank you all for your support

Hi @TheMarshall
You don’t need to fuse them at all , just scan the object with multiple projects , import them to your computer and fuse and merge them on your computer for the best results .
Once you finish scanning do not move to processing , just start a new project going to the Homepage of the app . The project will be saved automatically.

You should have at least 2000 frames with your 6GB Ram phone , make sure you not running additional apps in the background that consume your RAM before scanning , for that reboot your phone before scanning .

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Thank you again,

I will try that when i have a little bit more time,

Thank you for your advise.


how could have I miss that? probably because I didn’t scan so many frames in a while.:thinking:

THX Catharina for correcting me!

It works,
I have scanned a object in multiple projects, than exported the point clouds and imported this pointclouds in a single project en merge them, this works great.
But with time a becoming more skilled with scanning so most of the time i don’t even use the whole limit of 1500 frames anymore,

Thank you all for the great advise.

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