Scanner to be thrown away together with those who designed it

But is it possible that you sell an object for more than 500 euros and you have to throw away days to make it work? if all goes well, because it still doesn’t work for me … do something to make the software work, or replace my revopoint pop or give me my money back. BUILD A WORKING SOFTWARE !!!


come buttare via i soldi

Hi @frandicicco

May I know what problems you meet when using the POP?

of course you can know, the application keeps crashing, it doesn’t work with anything, only with the phone and after a few seconds it crashes, I can’t get it to work, could I know the model of the laptop with which it could work?

Hi @frandicicco

If the Handy Scan crashes after you scanned for a while, the most possibility is that the phone is out of memory. To solve this problem, you can do multiple scans. Here is a tutorial post: [Tips] What can you do when your phone is almost out of memory? - Multiple Scans

As for the laptop:
POP asks Windows 8 and above.

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ma funziona solo con i5?

e come mai non c’era scritto nella compatibilità di sistema che funziona con i5? ora mi devo anche comprare un pc nuovo per farlo funzionare…il mio pc non è i5…

Hi @frandicicco

Sorry, my fault for the unclear answer.

Does POP have requirements to a PC

A : NO. POP has no additional requirements for your PC.

For running smoothly, what PC can I pick up?

A: We suggest that you use a PC with i5/Windows 8 and above.

We suggest to use an i5 or above CPU to ensure that your scan process is smooth. Using the lower ( i3?) may also work, but the speed will be slow.

May I know what the spec of your PC is?

Btw, if your POP can’t work, you can send us a video with your connection steps and the problem. Then we will confirm if it is a defective one, if it is confirmed a defective product, we will resend you a new one.

Best Regards

Questo è il mio pc

Nome dispositivo PCDFRANCESCO
Processore AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Quad-Core Processor 3.20 GHz
RAM installata 8,00 GB (7,89 GB utilizzabile)
ID dispositivo 6EFD610B-D39E-43C4-A2FA-7D7369345845
ID prodotto 00325-80926-81948-AAOEM
Tipo sistema Sistema operativo a 64 bit, processore basato su x64
Penna e tocco Supporto input penna e tocco con 10 punti tocco

Hi @frandicicco

This spec of PC is enough for using a POP.

If the Handy Scan crash immediately after you plug it to your PC, then you can check if the camera permission is allowed. Here is another post for your reference: [Tips] Remember to check the camera permission of your PC

Hope you can create a video with your connection method and show the problem, then we can lear more details about your problem.

Best Regards