New Pop2 problems

I just received my Pop2. I was also a backer of the Pop1 and so I have experience with scanning etc.

The unit is losing track frequently and when it does manage to capture a point cloud, the resulting mesh is very disappointing and not nearly as good as with the Pop1.

Does the unit need calibration out of the box? What else could be wrong. Does it need a firmware upgrade?

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same thing with me. tis not good at all. I hope it is something im doing wrong.

I tried the old software and it’s much better. It’s still not as good as some of the demo videos I’ve seen of the Pop2, but not as bad as with the new software.

I just re-watched a video that checked scanned dimensions against measured dimensions and they used the old (Handy Scan) software not the new Revo Scan software. I suspect the new software is required to take advantage of all features of the new hardware, but is just not ready yet. Welcome to the Beta test team.

Hi @glassTransition ,

The new unit doesn’t need calibration or a firmware upgrade because we calibrated it and installed it with the latest firmware before shipping it out of the factory.

Can we have a Skype online meeting to check what the problem is? If yes, please send me a private message and let me know when it is convenient for you. Thank you.

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Hi @Anthony ,

Can we have a Skype online meeting? We want to see more details about the problem directly. Thank you in advance.

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Hi @glassTransition ,

I tested many times, the new Revo Scan should be better than the old Handy Scan.

Could you please send me the screenshot of your About page so that I can double-confirm the firmware version? Thank you.

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Here is the about page and two scans of the same object. Left one is with Pop2 and right one is with pop1.


I discovered the cause of one problem. When I turned off hardware accelerated rendering the glitches (grey bars) on my screen stopped.

Overall, I had the same thoughts and experience, the tracking and scanning in general is no better than the POP1 - My PC is a Razer Gaming laptop from 2021 with 64GB of RAM and my Phone is a Z-Fold 3 - both have the same issues as the POP1 - On a turntable, I can get okay results, but not even close to a single scan attempt. Still requires multiple for basic objects. In a non turntable mode, its as bad as POP1, tracking is lost all the time, it jumps a lot and I get a second “scan” in the first scan because of the tracking, etc…

Where in the system did you do that?


your POP2 scan does not look good … I had more luck with my , I scanned small figurine , it even picked up 2mm diameter elements where POP1 did not even see it .
I did not experienced any issues with tracking . You may adjust the scanning settings maybe , I did set it up on maximum and used Feature Mode with turntable , 2 scans … merged inside Revo Scan App for a test.


It’s a check box on the settings (gear icon on the lower left) page.

Thanks for those. That’s what I was expecting

I’m just now finding some of the settings for detail level during reconstruction. Also, I was adjusting the depth camera exposure level wrong according to the manual. I didn’t realize that you are supposed to set it to manual during the scan so it won’t change while the scan is under way. I think I also had it set too low since everything was red during the preview. I increased it so the object was shades of black and white with the turntable still red and the scan was better.

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The new settings are crucial , also the output of the geometry , if you set it too low it will produce less details starting at the lowest 1mm fusion setting . With the Depth Camera setting it is tricky , all depends of the color surface of the object , then when you happy with you can save the settings for later . I would say, practice practice practice ! good luck !

How in the world are any of you getting scans that looks like anything at all? Everything I’ve tried to do is a blurry, multi-armed monstrosity, regardless of settings, turntable speed, etc. I think either mine is broken or this is a scam.

I’ve used 3d scanners before, so I’m not entirely brand new, but Revopoint provides absolutely no instruction on how to use this thing and no support on their website, and they’re vehemently claiming here that everything is fine and that calibration is not necessary. Oh yeah, and they won’t even give us access to working software. It’s not exactly trustworthy, customer-friendly behavior, and it does not inspire confidence.

It’s really, really not good that my iPhone + a free app can produce scans that are MILES ahead of what this thing can apparently achieve–in about a tenth of the time, too. I highly suspect we’ve all just been scammed. I definitely won’t buy anything from Revopoint ever again.


Hi @scooter ,

Sorry for making you disappointed.

We had made some tutorials videos and will post them as soon as possible.

You can find the users’ manuals and some videos here: POP 2 - Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc.
(more videos will be added today.)

Btw, you can find some videos from our YouTube channel for POP (for the scanning skills, POP videos also suitable for POP 2 users):

As for the software, we had released the Revo Scan (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android versions) and the Revo Studio (Windows & Mac version). So I feel confused about “they won’t even give us access to working software”.

As for the calibration, because this feature is added additionally, the software is at the final testing stage. We will post it within this week.

But, the main problem is, all the devices are calibrated before out of factory. So we suggest that for all users, at this period, try the Revo Scan and Revo Studio at first.

Besides, if you’re willing, you can post your scanning process videos, then we can see what the problem is. Or if you need, we can provide an online meeting.

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Hi @glassTransition ,

Under normal condition, if you use the “High Accuracy” mode, and adjust the point pitch to 0.1, the Mesh Quality to 6.0, and the Denoise to 3, the result of POP 2 should be much better than POP.

If it still not work, then we can have an online meeting.

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Thank you Cassie. I will try these settings.

This is the kind of information that we all expected to have in a user’s guide. A detailed example would have avoided a lot of frustration for us.

The videos that Revopoint have posted with quick snippets of results only, do not help. We are happy that the scanner is capable of producing such scans, but disappointed that we do not have enough information to reproduce your success.

Relying on users to teach each other is lazy and unprofessional as well.

Also, the manual materials, examples etc need to be accessible from ONE place and kept current.