My Revopoint Pop experience

Hello, I’m quite late to the party but yesterday I’ve finally received my device.

The scanner is really good but I have some problems.

  1. I didn’t receive the turntable.

  2. The scanner doesn’t work on my USB 3.0 port but it surprisingly works on one of my front USB 2.0 ports. Unfortunetly this is causing other problems.

  3. Because USB 2.0 has slower transfer speeds, hand-scanning is almost impossible. The software struggles to chug more than 3FPS and constantly loses tracking, and when it does get it back it creates some weird artifacts in form of mirrored alignment, duplicated surfaces, etc.
    I was a bit sad I couldn’t get it to work well on my PC but then I tried to use it with my phone.

  4. USB mode on my phone (Asus Zenfone AR) doesn’t work. Thankfully Wi-Fi mode did and then I experienced the “smooth” scanning for the first time. With the Wi-Fi mode on my phone I finally was able to reconstruct objects without weird artifacts and too many tracking issues.
    But there was a cost to this.

  5. The software filters out too much good data. For example, before you begin scanning, you see a preview of the depth information which is really detailed, but as soon as you begin scanning most of the thin parts and creases “cease existing”. Then after trying to scan from a few different angles I saw these parts pop up for a second and then be removed again. Please improve the noise filtering.

  6. The colors… Well, they’re just bad. No sharpness to the textures + it gets a lot of unwanted colors from the background. From looking deeper into the textures it looks like the colored point cloud is used for texturing instead of saved RGB frames.

  7. Another issue caused by USB 2.0 port - random disconnecting. When I was scanning I didn’t experience any disconnecting but for some reason after I began processing, the device started disconnecting and after a while the software crashed. I did some more testing and found that if I disconnected the scanner fast enough the software wouldn’t crash. Pretty weird and also needs a fix.

  8. There needs to be a color feature + model feature scanning mode, which would be similar to the marker mode but without markers. I think this would solve many tracking and alignment problems as the lone model feature more struggles with regular shapes.

  9. No advanced options in scanning software. Sometimes I was able to get a good scan but there were like 2-5 frames that were off and caused a broken mesh, I could get it to Meshlab to remove bad points but that takes time. There should be a feature to select invidual frames and be able to remove them (and maybe even realign them with markers).

All in all I would say that Revopoint Pop was a good purchase, most of the issues were caused by my hardware but the software still needs big improvements. Besides this I was really surprised how well it performed on a smartphone. And I still have to do some testing with marker mode on PC (as mobile version only supports it in USB mode) but for now I’ll stick with my Asus for all scanning.

Bonus: Here’s a scan I made today which took about 1000 frames