Help ! my POP3 or Revo Scan 5 is abnormal

Just got my POP3 and downloaded the latest version of Revo Scan 5 ( V5.4.2 ). Tried to scan the bust that came with the scanner at a distance from 15 ~ 85 cm. At 15 cm, the software said the distance was too far and the scanner could not see the bust. Only after the distance was increased to 30 cm could the scanner start seeing the bust and the distance was indicated as good. At 85 cm the distance was shown to be excellent but this should be way outside the working range stated in the spec. It seems that either the scanner or the software has got some problems. Did I get a lemon copy ? :sob: :sob: :sob:

Hi @new23d

Your scanner need Calibration ( with the board) it is out of calibration due to shipping and handling .

It should works fine after …