Revo Scan Won't Run on My Precision M4700 Win 7 64bit

Revo Scan will run on one of my Windows 7 64bit machines but not the other. This is ridiculous. I made an exception in the firewall and everything. This is stupid.

I installed and tried it out. It failed the first time, but the second time, it brought up a notice that it was going to try Compatibility Mode. When I looked that up online, it listed options for selections, but mine was automatically selected.

Now, it works on my system, but only via WiFi. It seems my USB 3 ports (on the front panel, at least) aren’t powerful enough to let the POP 2 work reliably.

Tried that too. No luck.

Do I read correctly: “Windows 7”? As far as I know RevoScan only works for Win 8 and Win 10?

Yep. It didn’t even occur to me to check OS requirements. It runs fine on two of my machines with 7 and won’t on two others with 7. One that works is a 14 year old box with a pin-modded Xeon socket 771 in a socket 775 Intel DP45SG!

So you are complaining about that some software doesn’t work on an OS that it is not specified for?
Do you understand the concept of OS requirements? Though software might work on OSs that it is not specified for, there is no guarantee for it working. And the supplier is not obliged to make it work on OSs that the software is not specified for.
To be clear: I, too, don’t see the need to force people to “upgrade” a perfectly working system, and I even have a customer who still runs Windows XP machines (which aren’t connected to the Net, so no security issues here). But software developers have to economise and prioritise their ressources, and can’t serve niche markets infinitely. And the usual way for someone who wants something adapted to their needs is to pay for it.
Though, unfortunately I fell into that trap, too. I had set aside an “old” Win 7 laptop, cleaned it up and was planning to use it for 3D-scanning only. And I certainly was disappointed when I couldn’t get it working. More disappointment followed when I figured that the graphic adapter inside that laptop had no driver for Windows 10. So I had to settle with Win 8, which I agree with you completely about. But that’s how it is.
And last: not supporting Windows 7 is not unprofessional.

I’m planning to see if it will run on Linux in Virtualbox as well. In the end, I’m happy that it runs native on two of the 7 machines. I’m a dinosaur. I still run XP on several machines to run a 20-year version of Mastercam v9 that still works great. One of those XP machines (another pin-modded Xeon) still pushes one of my CNC routers around with Mach3.

I’m still curious to know why it runs on two of the four Win7 machines on which I’ve tried it and why it fails on two others. Optiplex 9020 with GTX 1050ti = runs. Optiplex 990 with GTX 1050ti = fails. Nearly identical machines in hardware specs. I may spend some more time trying to figure it out. Next I will check to see if I’m running same video driver version on both.

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My 23 year old Protel schematic capture program runs well on Windows 7; I’m hoping it will also run on the Windows 10 machine I will be building next month.