So does anyone know how to get the revo scan to work?

i have been spending the better part of a week trying to get a halfway decent scan, but for some reason the software maxes out my cpu (amd ryzen 7) without touching my gpu (rtx 3070) and theres no way to configure what it uses to image process the scans. and it constantly loses track of the object and starts sticking bits of it anywhere it can usually making a massive mandala like cronenburg monster out of what im scanning. ive coated the object with scan spray and that increases its visibility to the camera but the software cant stick 2 identical scans together to save its life.
is there any 3rd party scanning software that can recognize the pop2 and scan through it? ive lost all faith in revopoint"s ability to provide useable software, especially with the CDkey nonsense for the studio program which im still waiting for but have gotten no response about.
anything helps

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I’m in the same boat as you. I can’t get this thing to do really basic scans of objects that I’ve sprayed with Spotcheck SDK-S2 to get a good flat white surface. I guess it was to good to be true that I could get a good 3D scanner for under $20K.

We have all been at this point. If you add external features to what you are scanning it will help, There is a scanning plate that has these extra features. Also sunlight creates problems. It is a matter of learning how to use the tool. Forum is full of TIPS.


I spent a week trying to scan an object with no luck… then I saw where it doesnt like black stuff. I was doing everything wrong. I finally got a can of spray, turned off all my fancy photography lights, turned the gain down and put the scanner closer. Now it takes a perfect scan every time. I cant figure out how to fill in the back side of the flat object scan for 3d printing… I tried scanning the back side and aligning them together but no luck… lol

Post a picture of the object if you can.

The resume scan ablity is amazing, but at the same time it is a trick to get it to work.

Scan, rotate the object in small steps, rescan at each step, until you are scanning the back. You don’t need to fuse. It can be tricky.

I did try that pause and turning it over but it didnt work. I can do each side per scan but not both sides in one scan.

Scan the panel positioned as in the picture above on a turn table, in 360 degree you will have both the top and bottom. (Use a work aid to hold it on it’s side)

Then try the trick, or align another scan of the missing edge, with enough of the bolt holes as alignment points.

It does look like a good scan…

Ok this is what I get when scanning on edge. I believe the EDGE is whats killing it as it rotates. The edge is about 1mm thick. On the edge the scan turns red with loss of sync. I tried it last week and blew it off cus I dont really care about the other side, thats just for looks. I cant figure out how to fill or complete the black or back side of a single sided scan. I would just make the outside flat at 2mm thick…

I get the same out of sync issue when pause, turn it over then continue the scan.

Add markers and or external features, like the 3d printed “Dodecahderon” so the POP can maintain tracking as it passes the side view. Anything that the POP can see will work, small toys, dice, etc…

You should have the POP angled down, like 30 degrees. The POP likes to have perspective view.