I need a thermal maps of POP and POP2 for modifying my design of a protection case for these models

I have received informatión about big thermal problems with POP and POP2 in certain work conditions.

I wanna modify my design of a protection case for POP/POP2 (REVOPOINT POP & POP 2 protection case with 3 cold shoe slots by JJCHACON - Thingiverse) that I presented some days ago in this forum to include a 80mm M.2 heatsink in order to evacuate heat produced by the scanner instead blocking it as may occur with my actual design.

I have not thermal cam and I need thermal maps of that models…

If anybody have that… please contact with me answering this post for sending…

Thanks in advance.

Here is a Flir picture, which shows the heat signature.

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I can see in your thermal camera photos that the hottest area is the center of the upper side… I think that If I put there an active or passive heatsink for M.2 disk with big efficiency that heat wil be evacuated easily.

I cannot see the bottom side… may be possible to get a thermal photo of that? Nevertheless I think that Revopoint engineers are enought intelligent to situate the more heat generation components near of the upper side because it is what is more free of obstructions in most situations.

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There are pictures on this forum of a POP without the cover. Showing the components. Let me ask where this may be?


Can you send the link to the topic with photos? I have searched for them in google and I have not find anything…

If you want I could take some thermographic pictures of the bottom of the pop2 while it’s being used.

Or whatever angle you want really.

Yes… It may be usefull to investigate how to evacuate heat…
Make them… please…

Internal pictures of a POP2

According to PopUpTheVolume
Only the March 2022 POP2’s have this heat issue, current POP2’s have a different circuit board and don’t have the heat issue.

Thanks for the photos…!!!

How can I know if my unit is from March 2022 or is of later manufacture?

As I can see in your photos all the processing chips are in a board near of the upper side. Because of that the center of the upper side shows as the more heated area in thermal photos that you sent me.

But… As I can see in the photo made from right side there is a thick aluminium sheet between upper board and intermediate board and that is likely to be interpreted as a heatsink to evacuate heat from a component sited in the intermediate board.

On the other hand if that aluminium sheet was important for heat evacuation it should be fixed to a metallic part of the case for evacuate heat to outside such as rear side… but rear side in made in plastic… because of that I think that is less important in the total heat extraction even if it’s important for heatsinking the intermediate board.

In conclusion I think that if we get evacuate heat from center area of upper side the unit will be safe of heat problems. The area covered for a M.2 heatsink, 80x25mm, may be enought if is complemented with a thermal silicone pad conveniently fixed to heatsink and scanner. I would choose a pasive heatsink to simplify the design.

Like this:

ElecGear EL-80P Disipador de Calor SSD M.2 2280, Heat Pipe + Enfriador de Aluminio Refrigeración Heatsink para 80mm PCIe NVMe y SATA interno Gaming SSD con Almohadilla Térmica : Amazon.es: Informática

or this:

Sabrent Disipador de calor para Rocket M.2 2280 SSD [plateado] (SB-HTSS) : Amazon.es: Informática

New edition of POP2 don’t have the infrared laser projector covered by the front glass .

With the heat sink you showing here , it is little too much and not nesesery.

I use this one with termal path and it reduces the temp to around 10 C less
This is installed on my march edition of POP2, same as from KS .

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