(UPDATED!) Two new poposals of protective case for POP/POP2 with two cold shoes and pasive heatpipe

Today I will upload a new version (V2.1) with little modifications in the heasink area…

I have change holes that originarily were for 3mm screws to 2mm screws because that are what the model of heatsink choose uses and I have partailly retired the wall in wich the heatsink is fixed by screws because of improve the heat evacuation.


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I saw it, looking great ! So far the best and functional case out there .

I have some more tips that you can add to make it functionality even better , will post my edition tomorrow morning .

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Ok… Thanks so much for your oppinion…

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Printed out the " Protective case for REVOPOINT POP/POP2 with heatsink hole and two cold shoes by JJCHACON".

Bought the MC1 PRO M.2. cooler

But the width of the opening in the top is 25.67mm and the cooler is only 22mm wide? See the attached picture?

What am I missing?

I have planned 2mm separation between plastic and heatsink to avoid contact and heat transmission.

You can use metal rings as separators.

I will upload some photos of that more later.


@Miamijerry you need to use the metal ring as separator other way the PLA walls will touch the heatsink and absorb the heat from it . Or at least don’t screw in the screws completely leaving slightly gap,
I have to buy the rings as I have nothing at home with that dimension.

This was the older model , need to print today the last model as my printer was busy for couple of days .
It printed in less than 2 hours .

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I have used 2mm PTFE separators obtained from a 3D printer bowden tube. In additión I have used 4 M2x8mm screws to fix heatsink to the case.
You can see it in attached photos and in Thingiverse.


That is great idea ! I was about to use some rubber bands temporary, but this going to works ideal .

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OK, I got the PTFE spacers and M2 x 8 mm screws.

Test results - Ambient temperature was 80 degrees F, measured 107 degrees at window of POP2 and heatsink after 30 minutes.

Went back to my enclosure with two fans…

@Miamijerry did you measured the temperature of the front glass and below ? The top will emit all the heat .

Possible that the PLA absorbing still too much heat ?

I was thinking to make the whole construction in honeycomb.

And also testing out some new light style that working really good .

Pretty much the heatsink and the face are the same 107 degrees. I measured about 1/4 inch down from the top, and one third the way across the face of the pop.

You can feel the heatsink is hot, so the heat transfer is working, it is just a passive heatsink.

My dual fans got to 86 / 87 in the same time period. (6 / 7 above ambient)

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That’s not good , the face should be closer to the ambient temperature, I did not installed yet since I am redesigning the case a little bit .

The top aluminium frame is covered so that my be the reason for the face’s higher temperature.
The heat has no way to escape . 107 F is closer to shut down temp , means it do not works efficient.

My printer finally free so going to test out another version and test it out .

PLA can absorb very quick the heat and hold to it .

You can try to use another model of M.2 heatsink. There are some models highly efficients equipped with one or two fans. I think its not necessary because MC1 Pro extract enough heat to keep scanner save. Of course Im talking about models with no heat problems.

For example you can use this one:

ICY BOX Ventilador M.2 con Ventilador y disipador de Calor para SSD M.2 NVMe y SATA hasta 2280, Ventilador Activo de 30 mm, Almohadilla térmica incluida : Amazon.es: Informática

Or that one:

ElecGear EL-80X Refrigerador SSD M.2 2280, Ventilador de Refrigeración PWM + Heat Pipe + Disipador de Calor de Aluminio Heatsink para 80mm PCIe NVMe y SATA SSD con Almohadilla Térmica : Amazon.es: Informática


It will not help since it is not the top processor issue that overheat .
It is the rest of the elements that uses the main aluminium cast frame to dispense the heat not just the top , that is the part around the protective " glass" if it reach 45C the laser will shut down , right now it reach 41C with the case since the frame is covered .
I have the old edition of POP2 and the new , with the new everything working fine and the temperatures are stable .

But I have some idea that I will execute on Thursday to improve it .


This is the hottest I have seen my POP run.

Is it a design issue, if the later units don’t get hot??


@Miamijerry the latest edition of POP2 has different circuit boards and the infrared laser is not covered with the protective glass what of course helped to improved the quality and stability of the unit and preventing of the heat to build up and shut down the IR sensor . The new units and sensors can work even at 60C ambient temperatures what is 15C more than before .

I tested 3 editions of POP2 and the last is the best and still improves.

That the case trap the heat is normal , it is like putting a plastic cover over a RAM stick . But there is still room for improvement and a very simple solution to avoid it .
It need air flow , that why your own case is working . But it can be done without using a fans .


How can I distinguish between versions?

May be possible to know the set of serial numbers assigned to each version?


The first edition was released on March 16th , the second in June I believe .

Regarding serial numbers , well they are personal and should be not shared online by customers .
The first edition starts with A21 and the second with A22


Thanks so much for the information… Mine is A21 and have IR projector window protected by glass…

As you have said you have tested three editions of POP2… Prerelease, release 1 and release 2? Serial number starting with A22 means that the unit is the latest edition?

Next month, when the new course will start, I will buy a new unit for my job as technology teacher in a high school… How can I assure that I receive latest edition with new circuits and 60ºC IR sensors?

Thanks and regards.

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That’s correct @JJCHACON , the POP2 was produced in small badges so unlikely you will get the older edition .
I got my last one via Amazon , it is completely cold even inside a case without heatsink as I tested the other day .
It also uses include the latest firmware.

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