REVOPOINT POP & POP 2 protection case with 3 cold shoe slots

I have developed a new design of protection case with three cold shoes for LED light.

It fits REVOPOINT POP and POP2 3d scanners.

This is a part of a project in what I am treathing of design a handle to use the scanner with a mobile phone and a powerbank in autonomous mode to scan more comfortably.

If somebody need that can get a free download from thingiverse: REVOPOINT POP & POP 2 protection case with 3 cold shoe slots by JJCHACON - Thingiverse

Enjoy it…



It is nice but be aware that the plastic covering the important frame for heat dispensing, the scanners working like M2 SSD, they use the outside frame case and cover to dispense the heat from the processor , and any covering of that will increase the internal temperature, making vents will not works as the main frame on the edges is covered .
Unless the case is made from aluminum some users can have issue with that kind of cover.

The back and most half of the devices are less temperature sensitive , but the front cast and cover is

The most parts that need cooling are in the red area until the yellow area .
I see a lot of this type of stuff , but not one is really usable for me

just. my 5 cents

Screenshot 2022-08-03 062855

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Hi… Thanks so much for your apportation to my project…
What you say may be true in some cases but… do you know the protective case that Revopoint sells in its online shop? It is very similar to my design and, if your idea is true, may have the same problem.
I think that if the maker of the scanner sells it for its devices may be not true that the scanner has a hot dissipation problem as you say.
I dont know but I hope one of the tecnician of Revopoint put light about the topic.

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This was my solution. You can measure the heat from the Pop2 with an IR thermometer

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Have you uploaded it to Thingiverse? If not, please share the STL for review…
How have you resolved the power supplying for fans?
I thing it may be a good solution but… have you measure its effectivity measuring temperatures with and without it.

See post 47 in the “Did my POP just died” thread.

Yes there is a temperature rise without the fans, Pop goes to ambient temperature within a few seconds of the fans running.

It is not about true or not true , I am a Beta tester for the devices , Revopoint selling a protective cover while it is not in use .
The Aluminum case function is to dispense the heat from the processor and have a cooling function , covering it with plastic will trap the heat and rise internal temperatures .

It is like you printing a plastic covers for your RAM stick or CPU , trust me on that !
I saw many people damaged their devices doing so .


As you can see, I cut down the case from “Cults” (height and depth on a bandsaw), added the slots for air to enter, and added a 1/4-20 insert in the bottom.

Both fans are wired a USB C connector and powered by a separate USB cable.

I am sure with your design abilities, you could make this much nicer.