Handle for REVOPOINT POP & POP2 3D scanner and Standar Flat Powerbank


In this case I present a project of a handle for REVOPOINT POP & POP 2 3D. Integrates the scanner, a mobile phone and a standar flat powerbank. This project convert the scan in an autonomous set to scan more comfortably.

You can view and free download from the link: Handle for REVOPOINT POP & POP2 3D scanner (standar flat Powerbank) by JJCHACON - Thingiverse.

As you can see in attached photos I have divided the project into two parts for better printing using FDM to be joined using three screws. The complete model is also provided in case another printing technology is used

This is a finished project but can be modified for another model of flat powerbank with different dimmensions.



Very clean design.

Did you consider heat transfer through the plastic?

Beautiful, You are just knocking out these designs.

Great work, Thanks


Heat from porwerbank or heat from scanner? Or both two…?

Heat of scanner is no problem because you can install it directly without prtection case include using its foot included in the kit… Only that you lose cold feet for Leds. Im working in a solution for that.

Heat of powerbank depends on the model that you use… mine is cold in a normal use.

Thaks you so much for your support…

Next days I will notify a new design with different geometry…


Other users here on the Forum have mentioned overheating problems (apparently, when the ambient temperature is too high) and have experimented with heat sinks. It might be useful to remove or reposition the cold shoes and provide a mounting ‘clamp’ for one of the M.2 heat sinks.

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PopUpTheVolume posted a link to a M2 heatsink from Amazon, here in this thread;

It don’t need a mounting clamp , it needs to use included thermal tape to work correctly and it stick on its own .

It all depends of how long you scanning with and the ambient temperature.

Well, okay… not a mounting clamp, just a cutaway that allows the heatsink to perform its function while also protecting it from impact.

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