Two new poposals of protective case for POP/POP2 with two cold shoes and pasive heatpipe

After the information received about the possible cooling problems of the POP/POP2 devices, I have redesigned the protective case already published and that gave rise to the comments about the heat dissipation areas of the pop2 model and how to improve its dissipation capacity of heat.

I present two proposals and both integrate the same passive heatsink, Be Quiet MC1 Pro wich initially was designed for an M.2 SSD, but which lends itself to being used with our scanner. It is a passive heatsink that integrates two heatpipes that can be obtained on Amazon for around €20. The main difference is that in one the scanner enters embedded and in the other it is fixed by screws. Keep in mind that the scanner must be in contact with the silicone thermal pad and this, in turn, with the heatsink.

The links of the heatsink used are:

be quiet! Disipador de calor MC1 Pro M.2 SSD con tubo calefactor para módulos 2280 de una o dos caras : Informática

MC1 PRO de be quiet!

It is still a Work-In-Progress, so proposals and suggestions for improvement are accepted. I haven’t even uploaded it to thingiverse yet.


This is the first proposal:

And this the second:


Nice upgrade on the case design.

For those of you who would be buying in the US, here’s the Amazon link:,
followed by the eBay link (free shipping):

The specifications for the unit you listed include a heat pipe, at the cost of a thicker cross-section. I expect that your design will work with the thinner (and less expensive) M.2 2280 heat sinks that are mounted via double-sided tape.


I was thinking like @JeffLindstrom about the cheaper heatsink being enough. Maybe something like - - which has thermal sticky pad, rubber bands or screw in adapters.

I think the heatpipe design will definitely work ok but was just thinking it may be overkill for the amount of heat we are talking…??? I am no expert though!!!

As far as your designs, I like the second one better as you don’t have to fiddle with 4 extra screws to put it together/take it apart.


I would prefer the two piece design, as it may be easier to remove.

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Considering that we need to asure good contact between silicone pad and scanner and that silicone pad is self adhesive may be better the two pieces disign. Two pieces design is mare easier to remove and more safe to install without damage silicone pad.

I want to get this straight in my head; when using the thermal tape with the heat sink, would it be affixed to the scanner before it is inserted in the case? If so, an empty buffer zone would have to be built into the case’s cutout at the top to account for assembly tolerances.

Yes… in both designs the case´s cutout has an empty zone of 2mm around the area reserved for the heatsink…

There are two types of silicone thermal pads, selfadhesive or only for contact. With the design in what scanner enters embeded i would use the contact version at least in the side that touch the scanner to favor the insertion but with the screws version is possible use autoahesive pad and fix pad and heatsink to the scanner permanently.

Now we talking about , really nice design ! I like the 2 parts , you want to have this case permanently on .
I will definitely try it out .

Today I will upload a new version with little modifications in the heasink area…

I have change holes that originarily were for 3mm screws to 2mm screws because that are what the model of heatsink choose uses and I have partailly retired the wall in wich the heatsink is fixed by screws because of improve the heat evacuation.

The heat sink area is little too wide , i made some modification for my print , including the walls and the screw holes to match the one that came with the heatsink

You can make one version without the heatsink walls at all , as the opening fits other cheaper heatsinks as well that working as well . I tried both .

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In my initial design there is a safety distance between case walls and heatsink of 2mm to enhance the heat evacuation. I thought in using more large screws and some rings actuating as a separator.

Today I have updated the design with a new 2.1 version. It has reduced area walls and holes for 2mm screws.

Nevertheless I have keep the 2mm between case walls and heatsink.

In addition I have modified all versions with an option for the shoe that is included with the scanner.



That is good , I will check out the new version .

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