Revopoint POP protective carrying case

For those interested I made a protective carrying case for the POP you can freely download on Thingiverse and print

Main features are :

  • Small edge at the bottom so as the screen doesn’t touch the case thus avoiding sctatches

  • Notches to easily remove the case, the bottom one being big enough for the tripod screw if you wish to leave it on the POP while on the road

  • Small clip

And if you like it, if it fits, if it’s useful to you, in short if you are happy with it, you may (though please don’t feel obliged to at all) make a symbolic donation on Thingiverse
or 😅😂🤣

2021-05-14 20_32_24-Photos



I do like your design a lot!:clap:
do you plan a version with a hole in the front or some kind of removable lid, so one can use tthe POP with one? for that purpose it might be good to design some kind of ventilation holes in the body.


I’m not saying this to denigrate your work, far from it,

But take into account that the POP has an ideal operating temperature of 40 ° C Max, that’s why on my version of the protective shell I added holes and especially that the shell only touches the scanner on 2cm in total to allow the passage of air for passive cooling.

Because if you have played enough with your POP, you may have noticed that it heats up a lot, and this is because of the closed design

Hi @Zoltan3D ,
I think you didn’t look at it carefully :wink: it’s a completely different thing I made here.
It’s not to be left on while scanning (the screen is closed)
It is intended solely for protecting it, especially the screen, while carrying it with you, and take it off when you scan.
I know and do agree with you that the POP is heating, and if I had made it to be left on I would have made holes in, but in this case there is no temperature issues there at all.
So you see I didn’t intend to make a protection case ‘competing’ with yours, although it would be simple to make an evolution of it to be left on the scanner. The world is open to ideas and evolutions and iterations, that’s the beauty of it all

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Hi Ivan,
Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:
As stated in my reply to Zoltan right here, although this wasn’t my first intention but I thought it too; it was primarily made to solve an issue of the POP not being shipped with a sleeve or other kind of protection.
But yes, opening it in the front and adding holes of some sort is already in my brains :wink:
I went through several iterations to have it accurate and fit well; I believe that, before I do that, I’ll just wait for some feedback from those who print it and try it, to see if it fits well when printed with different printers and settings, so if you print one, let me know :grinning:

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Would you mind to make the hole by myself and print it then for testing? I would then have both tested your design and been able to use it too😁

I’ll have a look :wink: I’ll probably first need to measure the spots on the scanner that heat most :thinking: so as to put the ventilation at the right place, or, maybe, a ‘grid’ like surface

yes, I was thinking about some grid structure, too👍

Thanks for sharing your nice case! It fits very well. May I ask, what kind of phone-clamp you are using, that is shown in your pictures?

Thanks :wink:
The clamp is that from Revopoint kit, the good thing is it has a shoe to attach the POP on top