[Windows] Revo Scan - V4.1.0 Beta Released!

Dear users,
Please download and test the beta version of Revo Scan for Windows to control the dual-axis turntable. Feel free to let us know if any suggestions or bugs spot.

Best Regards
Team Revopoint


downloading now - just received my mini this morning as well :slight_smile:

The turntable-Settings button is greyed out / deactivated. What do I need to do?

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Going to check it out now !:+1:

There may still be a mode with a button that turns all the time.

Seems like it works!

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it works, but if a scan starts out bad and you want to stop it you cant because the turntable is on its preset setting. I have not yet got a good scan out ot it. First one completed, the next two have lost tracking.

OK it worked , Revo Scan asked me for upgrade the firmware of my MINI to be able to use the Dual Axis, sadly not working with POP2 yet .

the setting are pretty forward if you don’t lose the tracking in the process .


I agree with you there. It would be good if he runs through each position individually. So you can discard bad results and do not have to delete the whole scan.


Will this work with the basic turntable?
I’m still waiting for my Mini to arrive… :no_mouth:

Done first scan right niw. 3 rounds on fastest setting =1829frames :sweat_smile:

It won’t, only with two axis-turntable.

But you can build your own!check:


you can use basic turntable if you don’t have the Dual Axis … you just set it up in the settings .

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Great! Thanks! I was concerned that the Beta might be Dual Axis specific.

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that’s. crazy I got 29 millions poly , it took forever and take 10GB of RAM to process , I think we’re back into the heavy RAM usage again .

First successful scan - used my Clint head 1/6 scale. The intial scan looked basic, the meshing showed how good it eventually became. Ram went upto 5gb

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Yeah the meshing removing the trash data after meshing , it removed almost 10 millions points after meshing and it looks fine . However the process takes much longer than with my manual Dual Axis , but it slowly growing on me .

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Hey there

My AV is having a meltdown with this installer

you have to pair it with bluetooth. best way is to turn off the table and turn it back on again and then hit search for bluetooth devices in windows. takes about 30-45 seconds

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