WOW i got it to work on iPhone

So not easy.

  1. Change the name of iPhone to POP (all caps)
  2. open wifi, and forget connected network. or turn off auto join. for that network. (you need to see not connected, and wifi on) so can not be connected to another wifi network (may be able to adjust from windows app)
  3. Turn on personal hotspot (Allow others to join)
  4. put in 12345678 password
  5. Turn off maximize Compatibility.
  6. launch application
  7. Scanner will show up, will show serial number, have to select to connect and confirm.

I guess this makes the phone a router.

Looks like in windows, you can customize. I think you are able to set the SSID and password there.

but got the scanner to work.


Ya I’ve done everything here except maximize compatibilty and it doesnt work. I cant turn on maximize compatibility because it is an iphone 12 series feature. My iphone is a 10s. I’m really glad you got this to work. Wish it worked for me.

Glad to hear that! Thanks for sharing.

Don’t worry. We’re working on finding a solution now.

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Yes you can set the SSID in Windows App, click the ‘About’ button and you’ll see the Wifi settings there when your POP is connected

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I found that I needed to be receiving a cellular signal for it to work. It may have been that you can’t be around any open networks as well.

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In order for a Hotspot to work, it has to have a data connection for every smart phone I’ve heard of. If you’ve got 0 bars, then you’re out of luck.


Android shouldn’t care if the cellular connection is live. But the phone may need carrier authorization to enable the hotspot and if cellular data is not available, it can’t get that authorization. However, the WiFi hardware in the phone doesn’t care, any failure to open the hotspot would be a software limitation. So if your Android phone won’t turn on its hotspot without a cellular data connection, go to the Play store and find a “WiFi extender” or “repeater” app that’ll let you create a WiFI access point that doesn’t require or use cellular data.

The whole, entire purpose of a Hotspot is to allow other devices to access the internet via the phone. If the phone cannot do that, then letting devices connect to it (when they could connect to other devices) is a bad design choice.


That is the primary use case for a Hotspot. Although there are still use cases for a hotspot that don’t require a WAN connection. It’s an alternative to ad-hoc and provides an easier way to network multiple devices together without a network switch or router to do it.

I think you may be conflating “WiFi” with “Hotspot”. Hotspot requires WiFi, but WiFI does not require hotspot. And since Android isn’t a locked-down, closed ecosystem like Apple, there are plenty of programs you can get to take advantage of this reality. So, if you have a spare Android phone you’re not using as a phone, you could use it as a WiFi repeater/range extender. Because the WiFi HW can be configured to do that. It’s a non-WAN-connected Wireless Access Point. And in that context, it ought to work just fine for POP as well…

From the start of the project you needed to say don’t work with iPhone!!!

I agree this thing is a Kludge. Just not easy to work on iPhone. Mine just sits around. Too frustrating to work on my intended set up.

Hi @Minpin0036 @drwhosc

The POP can work with iPhone by using the phone’s hotspot. Here is the instruction for your reference:

And I also see some users shared their instructions: How to connect to an iPhone

If you still can’t connect it, please record the video of your connection steps and send it to our or or, we’re willing to help you.

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