Best laptop to use with Pop?

I don’t have a good mobile signal inside my house so I can’t use my iPhone with Pop. So frustrating as the impression I had when I bought it was that it would work with wifi but of course it does not. So frustrating!!

My old laptop is too old and it won’t work with it. So I think I will have to buy a new laptop so I can use Pop. Any recommendations?

Thank you

Diane, you do not need wifi in your house. Open a hotspot on your phone, look for the instructions in the manual. Success.

Some phones require an active Internet connection in order to set up a Hotspot, but not all (this is for Android; I have not experimented with iPhone).

I was able to set up a Hotspot on my (as yet unregistered) cell phone because it did not have a SIM card in it.

Turn off your phone, remove the SIM card and power it up again to see if you can set up a Hotspot.

Alternatively, you could try resetting your phone as described in this link:

Because the purpose of a Hotspot is to share an internet data connection, certain phones will not set up a hotspot if they do not have an internet connection. I was able to get around this on my phone by removing my SIM card (I don’t know why the firmware was written that way; we just have to go with it).

Hi Jeff,
I need to switch off wifi before I can open a hotspot. Android.
I suppose that via the hotspot e.g. a tablet can reach internet.
For POP the function is to connect the app on the mobile phone with the scanner. No need to enter internet.
Regards, Jo

In Android, you switch off WiFi (which connects the phone to a router) and switch on Hotspot (which makes the phone into a router). If there is no data connection, then the Hotspot cannot perform its intended function, so some phones (I don’t know how many) prevent the Hotspot from being activated.