How to connect to an iPhone

I spent 2 hours trawling through this forum trying to figure out how to connect the POP3 to my iPhone. Please Revo do something to improve the instructions you give because it is very, very frustrating. I came very close to just returning the product to you for a refund. I’m posting these instructions and screenshots in the hope that it helps someone else:

  1. Go into your iPhone WIFI setting and forget all of your networks
    2.This will leave your WIFI as Not Connected (contrary to the instructions do not turn wifi off)
    3.Go into Settings > General > About > Name and change the name to POP
  2. Go into Settings > Personal Hotspot and change WIFI Password to 12345678 and ensure it’s set to Allow Others to Join
  3. IMPORTANT: you now need to go somewhere where your phone can pick up a mobile/cellular phone signal. This meant I had to go outside of my house as I get almost no signal inside
    6.Open Handy Scan app on your iPhone
  4. Click on Scan and it should then search for your POP3 scanner device
    8.Select the device
  5. You should then be able to start scanning

As far as I can figure out, this means that it is only possible to use the scanner connected to a mobile phone where there is mobile/cell reception. Otherwise its necessary to connect it to a laptop. If anyone else thinks differently please correct me on this point.

I hope this helps someone.

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Thank you for sharing this. I completely gave up on mine after 3 days of trying to get it to work. I’ll try again with your method and I hope it works because it was pretty expensive for a paperweight!

Hi @DianeF

Thank you for sharing this suggestion and your connection steps.

I will also tell my colleague to add a reminder on our instructions.

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Your list of instructions is, to my eye, correct and complete, with one caveat.

My experience is only with Android phones, but this may work for you: Try removing the SIM card that carries your connection info for your cell phone service provider. If you have a Dual SIM model, try switching to the other SIM slot (this assumes that SIM slot is unoccupied or that the provider for that SIM is out of range).

Also, I have plugged the SIM card into my new phone and it still works as a Hotspot, but that SIM card is not yet activated.

mine just searches endlessly for a device. I have done all the steps above.

Hi @RockstahStatus ,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  1. Please double confirm that your Wi-Fi is on but “Not connected;”
  2. Please go to “Setting” - “Privacy” - “Local Network” to check the permission of Handy Scan.

If the problem is not solved, please send us an email with the video of your connection steps to, thank you.

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I too cannot for the life of me connect. I did everything mentioned here, on the instructions and more. I have a pop and iphone 13. No chance to connect directly with a lightning connector?
Also what is Handy Scan? I saw this mentioned, but only have RevoScan app.

Revo Scan replaced Handy Scan (which had difficulties connecting to iPhones).

Unless you have connected your POP scanner to a computer and used Revo Scan to change its Wi-Fi configuration, then it is expecting to work with a hotspot that has the SSID “POP” or “POP2” and the password “12345678”.

To use your iPhone as a hotspot, you have to disconnect the Wi-Fi from any router, then set hotspot mode with the SSID and password mentioned above.