New user - queries before use

I hope this is the right location for this post; if not, please can it be moved somewhere more appropriate?

I recently received my POP and today decided to try it out, however based on the documentation, I’m struggling to justify connecting it to my phone or iPad, which is how I mainly intended to use it.

If I’ve understood the documentation correctly

  1. The hotspot has to have a specific name and password. On an iPhone / iPad, this means actually changing the device name as the hotspot doesn’t have its own name. As I have other devices set to use my hotspot with embedded details, changing either of those details on my phone is not practical

  2. Once it’s paired, it can’t be re-paired with another device. I considered using an old phone on which I could change the name and password without issue (no success yet, though), but what happens when the software gets updated to run on a new version of the phone OS that isn’t supported on current hardware? Is there a factory reset on the POP to clear the settings?

Have I understood correctly? If so, how was this considered an appropriate approach to WiFi connection? One phone or OS upgrade and the unit becomes useless?


sorry, I have no clue whatsoever about Apple devices, but you might consider this:
On a PC you can start “Handyscan”, with the device connected and recognized (use Device Manager to check whether there are two new cameras detected). Then open “About” and click the button “Wifi: setting”. There you can change the name and the password of the hotspot the scanner tries to connect to. Default is “POP” and “12345678”. Just set it to the name and password of your IPad hotspot.

Thank you for that - I saw no mention of this in the documentation I read. I’ve now set it to use my phone’s hotspot, but the app can’t find the device. The hotspot is showing as having a device connected, so the WiFi connection is there, but the app can’t see it :frowning:

Why would you think that? Under wifi mode, the POP will pair with any Hotspot that has the proper name and password configuration.

I also got this information from inside this forum somewhere.
As for how to proceed from here… as said, I’m lost, no knowledge about Apple products at all.

The documentation states

"Each POP �D scanner can only connect one device, in case of the POP scanner has connected other device,
your smartphone cannot find it. "

This, to me, suggests it’s a “once and done” thing. As per the previous reply, though, I now know I can change the details through the PC application. I haven’t actually succeeded in connecting the app to the scanner, yet, but I at least got it to connect to the right hotspot.

Ah, but “connect” does not mean “paired” as in ‘the scanner remembers what device it was connected to and only connects to that devcice and not to any other device’. It means that the scanner can only connect to one device at the same time.
I found out so far that when the mobile app (Android) doesn’t find the scanner, I have to unplug it - disconnect the power supply - , wait a few seconds and plug it in again. Also the hotspot must be active before I start the scanner (plug in the power supply), at least in my experience. Especially when I used the scanner with the PC program before, thus using the USB-connection, it often fails to connect to the hotspot at first.

Thank you for that clarification - that gave me the confidence to try and connect.

Tonight, I actually got a successful WiFi connection to my iPhone - it looks to be a power issue. The powerbank I use (Anker) only puts out 2A per socket, so I got a USB splitter to run it from two outputs… got a connection and a “let’s see if it works” scan done :slight_smile:

Right, power is an issue, too. In operational mode the scanner consumes slightly less than 1A @ 5V, but during power-up it needs more, and that is the point when some of the USB-ports I tried failed.