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So I was curious if anyone has figured a way to hook up the POP to an iPhone that does not have a SIM card? I have a few older phones I would like to keep as a dedicated POP phone but not sure if that is a possibility(?).

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Soon only not yet. I have a similar issue, I am waiting for Revopoint to make the iOS usb connection to work. Meanwhile, I was wondering if I add a SIM card to the iPad (mine was bought used without a card, but it has cellular capability) can that be a hotspot without paying extra to the wireless phone company? I don’t think it works without the $$$ cellular data service addition. I will wait for USB. That will be great to have, I’m looking forward to this. Meanwhile scanning with the laptop is working pretty well.

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Hi @fogline @Schurg

Could you try this method? [Guide] How to use Handy Scan on your iPad

Hi Cassie,
I can’t access Cellular area of Settings until buy and put a SIM card in. I assume I would also have to start and pay for cell service on the iPad? I don’t want to do it this way, I will wait for USB

Hi @fogline

For the above method, you don’t need to access the cellular area on your iPad. You only need a phone for you to access the cellular area to set up the hotspot.

You only need to use your iPad to find that hotspot in the WLAN area, and input the password to connect it.

Could you please re-try it again?

Btw, do you have a Windows PC? If yes, there’s an easier way. You can revise the POP’s default hotspot name and password according to your Wi-Fi at home. (I mean the Wi-Fi which you often used to connect the iPad)

For example, if you usually connect your iPad to the Wi-Fi named AAA and password is BBB, then you revise the POP’s default name and password as AAA and BBB. If you don’t know how to revise it, check this post: [Tips] How to revise the name and password of default hotspot

Then, connect the iPad to this Wi-Fi, and open Handy Scan. You will find the POP can be connected.

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