Unable to find WIFI (POP 1)

Just bought a second hand Pop 1 scanner but I can’t seem to find the WiFi connection using either of my iPhones (XS MAX and 12 Pro Max)

I’ve tried entering the SSID and password manually but still can’t see it.

Any clues??

Hi, you need to create hotspot to connect POP1 to your device , if will not show up under wifi network . Only POP2 can use both WiFi and Hotspot options.

Check the POP1 manual for future instructions.

In order to connect an Android phone to the POP (actually, it’s the other way around), the direct wireless connection requires you to set up your Android as a Hotspot.

While the actual steps will vary with the phone’s manufacturer and even model, the following points must be satisfied for Android phones with active accounts through a cell phone service provider:
A1. Turn WiFi off. (For iPhone, the Wi-Fi needs to be “Not Connected”)
A2. Turn Data Saver off (this is most commonly used by people who have Prepaid accounts).
A3. Turn Hotspot on.
A4. The default Hotspot name that the POP will look for is “POP”. The default password is “12345678”. If you connect your POP to a WIndows computer and run Revo Scan, you can change this to whatever you want (except no [space] characters in the Hotspot name).
A5. Set the phone’s Hotspot Name and Password to be consistent with the POP.
A6. Start Revo Scan on your phone. It will report a connected device in a few seconds.

A variant procedure allows you to use your home router to connect your POP and phone indirectly:
B1: Set the POP’s Name & Password to your home’s router (again, no [space] characters, so you may have to change your WiFi router’s name).
B2. With your phone operating as usual (e.g. connected to your home’s WiFi router), start Revo Scan.
B3. In a few seconds, Revo Scan will report a connected device and start showing what the POP sees.

Please note that the original POP connects at 2.4 GHz only. With a wireless connection, it cannot use Marker mode.

I don’t know if this will work for every Android phone, but I was able to set up a Hotspot on my htc U11 & U11+ phones without a SIM card installed.

For Apple phones, change step A1 to leave WiFi on, but disconnect it from any router. I don’t know if step A2 is required.

I looked for this on various websites including youtube and solved it using to turn on the WiFi scan throttling.

Hi @Adriana0121 POP1 is using hotspot on your mobile device to connect via WiFi .

  1. Turn On and create Hotspot on your mobile device
  2. The default Hotspot name that the POP looking for is “POP”. The default password is “12345678”.

For the rest of the scanners you can use regular WiFi adapter as long as it supports 5Ghz WiFi . It will not works with 2.4Ghz