Wishlist/Improvments for Revo Scan 5

Hello this is my Post in the Beta Forum,.
I hope you like my Vision of Revo Scan 5

UI Improvements

  1. Remove “Startpage” from the Top Toolbar, it brings no benefit.
  2. Add Ultra Wide Screen Support
  3. Add Option to Connect to Scanner over Wi-Fi from Revoscan
  4. Add an Option to Change the Mouseweel Direction for Zoom
  5. Add 3D Mouse Support like 3Dconnexion

Align Workflow Improvements
At the moment you Register/Fusing after each Alignment, this take much time. a simpler and faster way it is fusing all together. (for better understanding what kind of Workflow i mean here is an example Video)
The advantage is:

  1. Save time
  2. the Meshes will be fusing together as one piece.
  3. you can be fusing multiple times to get one Solid and not Overlapping Object if needed.

Edit UI Improvements

  • Point Cloud Editing
  1. Presets for Meshing
  2. Fill Holes by Diameter with value ( like 0.1cm )
  • Mesh Editing
  1. Add a Mesh Simplification to Reduce the Mesh Density
  2. Add an Select all Button to the Fill Holes menu.
  • Texturing
  1. Give us the Option for Mapping the Textures on Aligned Objects
  2. Add an option for add Pictures from an DLSR or an Smartphone and Mapping them on the scanned Object by using the Images from the Scanner for Aligning the Pictures
  3. Add an Repair Brush for Content aware filling if the Texture has Issues or Holes


  1. The Polygon Selection tool can be Integrated in the Lasso tool, it could work with “STRG” Pressed, this gives the option to select Straight Lines in Combination with freehand selection.
  2. Add 2D/3D(Circle/Adjustable Sphere) Brush to the Selection tool.
  3. Add a Smooth Brush to Smooth Individual on the Object like in Meshmixer or Blender as 3D Brush (Adjustable Sphere)
  4. Add a Remove Feature Tool (this should remove a selection and fill it)
  5. Add an Positioning Tool to set the Object right on X Y Z Axis (3 Point Positioning will be good enough)
  6. An Measurement tool would be nice too, like in Meshmixer for example


I would also like to see a select all option for manual hole filling, being blind in one eye makes it hard to find every little hole.


Give more options for shading the model. The shiny blue surface is a mess!


Totally agree , very outdated shader look from the 90’s, every time I look at that I am thinking about Lizard :lizard: :laughing:
I vote for that too … and different color for back faces, the mustard color is barely visible .


When saving files, include metadata like fusing accuracy etc.

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Yes Daniel, fusing resolution … aka pitch point distance …

Hello, I`m new to this forum, so sorry if this is the wrong Thread.
If so, maybe you can point me to the Forum where I can request software features.

Here are some ideas for features I’m missing in the current RevoScan 5 Software:

-Primitive Objects/shapes for Boolean operations to clean the point cloud !!
(for example a cylinder to cut a clean hole when the scan shows false points in a drilling hole because of scanning angle /// cube + tube +sphere to cut noisy point cloud at positions in the model where you are not able to get an good angle with the lasso or polygon tool ) You can take a look at PrusaSlicer to get an Idea for this feature

-Brush tool to select points in the point cloud to clean them up

-Tool to align the scan to coordinate system

  • Manual Pre Alignment of models before merge, or maybe complete manual positioning tool to merge different scans in case the software isn’t able to find a correct alignment with current merge options.

Thanks in advance!!


Welcome to our community!

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback on the Revo Scan 5. Your suggestions will greatly contribute to the improvement of Revo Scan.

I will make sure to document these suggestions and report them to our development team.

Please note that the software has many demands, and the team will need to assess them. Perhaps some of these features will be included in the next update.

No worries! If you have any further suggestions in the future, feel free to post them in this thread:Leave your feedback & suggestions on the Revo Scan 5

Once again, thank you for your contribution.

Best regards,

It will be brilliant if “Single Shot” mode will be implemented in the new version!
I think it will be very usefull option for any Revopoint scanners, not only MIRACO.

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