Software improvement

Hello Revopoint Team,
I’m a Professional with Artec3D Scanners and missing some Basic features in your Softwares.
I think this improvement would be nice for everyone.

Revo Scan

  • A History to go some steps back, sometimes you see a problem too late, but you cannot go one step back to fix this issue.
  • A list of the Scans, this would help to remove bad scans.
  • A Option to manually Align the Scans like in Revo Studio.
  • A Option to merge all scans at once, this would save much time
  • Some features from Revopoint Studio like Isolation, Simplify and the Overlap Detection

Revo Studio

  • There are only Global Functions like smooth and fill holes, a better way of it is to give the user the ability to smooth only the parts he wants to smooth and same for the Holes.
  • The Software can import Textures, but it exports only the Model this made the software for me a bit weak and should be improved

Don’t understand me wrong, I don’t want a second Artec, but I see much Potential in your products and want to help you to get better.


You can find it on the model list

As they can all be done on Revo Studio, we are not sure if we need them to be added on the Revo Scan.

Thanks, your suggestions will be forwarded to our R&D team.

The Undo operator (see first image) allows this function, although multiple scan frames are undone at a time, not just one.

This is also done. Click where indicated in the Preview window to see a list of scans and indicators for the Fuse and Mesh operations.

This can also be done. Refer to the 3rd image. Select the models that have not been Fused or Meshed, then click on the Batch Processing button in the bottom right. Follow the popup’s guidance.


Hello together,
Sorry for my delayed answer, I had much to do the last 2 weeks.

Today I record a Video from a Quick and Dirty 3D Scan, here are all my previous points to see.

Thanks for your Answers, if you want to see a Detailed Scan with Texture and Photos I can record this too.
I hope this helps the Team to Improve the Software and to offer a better usability to the Customers.

Hello, Thanks for your answer, but this is not what I mean.
I mean a Scanliste who list all scans made in a Project like this screenshot from Artec.

Here, you can edit each Scan Part and Delete Bad Scans easily

Thanks for your Answer,
The Undo and Redo Button is always Greyed out for me, since I use the Revopoint Software.

The Modell list isn’t a Scanlist for me, it looks more like a Project list, in my previous Post I send a Screenshot of what a Scanlist looks for me.

Yes your right Revopoint Studio can this features, the problem I see is the Usability and the Problem that I can’t export the Textures from the Studio Software.

To my Points you can Look the Video I Post Previously there you can see what I mean.

I will forward this to our team and see if they would add the feature.

I do not know if @eXplOiD that’s what he meant by the list. But I would find a kind of “photo function” very helpful.

I would like to scan an object from multiple sides but without moving it. And then merge these different scans together.

So far I have to open a new project each time, which in turn takes a lot of time.It would be good if you had such a scan list so that you don’t always have to open a new project.

@SphaeroX @Revopoint3d-Selina
The Photo Function is simply a change of the photos that the Scanner does in Texture Scan.
In Artec Studio the Scanner takes every 2 seconds a Photo, with the “Photo Registration” you can Load Photos from your Smartphone or DLSR and can Register it on the Photos that the Scanner does.
The Effect is that you can map the Textures with the Photos from the DLSR or Smartphone.
Here you have Full Control about the Colors, Brightness and Contrast and Detail because of the Much higher Megapixels of your Camera.

Here is an Example I did with the “Photo Registration”.
Each piece in this image had 13 Photos from a Sony Alpha 6000 to generate a good Result.
The 3D Models are rendered with Cinema4d and Octane.

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with the photo function I meant that you scan selectively and put the 3D model together from it, not the texture :see_no_evil:

What you mean ist Tracking with Texture and Geomety right or did you mean an alignment Like in Artec?

No, I don’t mean the texture or the tracking.

Instead, it scans the component from different perspectives without moving the component or the scanner. And then put these partial scans together, which increases the accuracy of the scans and results in more beautiful surfaces.

Like photogrammetry, for example, except that instead of images, you do 3D scans.

Not sure if doable with the revopoint scanners, as they seem to “need” scanning in motion. (either moving scanner or object).

@PopUpTheVolume tried it already.

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They are portable for a reason, not portable scanners do not capture 10 frames per second, they project steady light with steady pattern in most case laser light projector .
In this case the hardware can’t be changed as this is not just software adjusting , the frames would never align proper and it would be totally new scanner type .
And nobody going to do that .
Beside for this type of scanning , you need excellent calibration each time , exact distance etc …
Who knows maybe Revopoint decide to make a scanner like that again in the future , but I am more than sure they will not change the current device , it is like you buy an airplane and ask to make a car from it .

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