[Winner Announced] [Recruitment] Early Bird Wanted! Apply to be the first to test POP2!

Dear Users,

Thank you for your participation.

We received many excellent applications, so it’s so hard for us to make a decision. After serious consideration, we finally decided to choose @ZoltanTheZ as the Beta tester, congrats!

Please get in touch with us to claim the prize and discuss what you need to do as a Beta tester.

For other participants, we will post more contests in this forum in the future, so please stay tuned!

You can order POP 2 here:

We have exciting news: A NEW 3D Scanner - POP2 is coming to the Revopoint products family very soon!

As the “first real consumer-grade 3D scanner,” the POP brings the professional scanner quality to a consumer product, and we got success on Kickstarter and other online selling platforms. Many users got impressive scan results with it.

This time, we will be far more advanced!

The POP2 will provide you the High Accuracy & Smoother Operation & Better Color Effect. You can click this link to learn more details: Revopoint POP 2: High-Precision 3D Scanner – Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc. I promise that you won’t be regret if you choose this product.

Now, we want to find a lucky user in this forum as an Early Bird and send 1pc POP2 to test for FREE.

How to apply? - Only the below two steps are required:

(1) You can get on with the application by heading to this link: https://forms.gle/1SqH2T4zD9iU7nUCA

(2) Sign up as a member of this official forum, and reply this post with “Applied” and any other words;

We hope you have:

  • You have experience reviewing products (even better if you can make videos);

  • You are willing to publish several articles in this forum, share your experience from Unboxing to detailed performance reviews, and provide feedback about the product/software to the Revopoint team.

Recruitment Period:
Oct 26 to Nov 15, 2021

Winner Announcement:
Nov 17, 2021

Update on Nov 8, 2021: The recruitment period is postponed to Nov 15. Thanks for understanding.

Join in this recruitment means that you agreed to our Terms and Conditions.



We have to write more than 20 characters so cannot just write Applied.

Applied! I really would love to play around with the new pop, I hope it has improvement for scanning of hair and beards.

Hi @CrazeUK

Thank you for reminding. I revised the requirement.

Best Regards

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applied. see submitted application form for details.

Applied for this. Looking forward to seeing the development into the pop2

Applied, I have a passion for aviation and use my website for posting DIY 3D Modeled upgrades I creat for my plane and those of my friends. I have been considering a handheld scanner to capture more complex structures for reverse engineering. Would love to give your system a review and document the process in video.

Cheers Ryan

But: The Pop 1 is not working as intendend and you release a second version. I feel betrayed.



This would be an awesome opportunity for me, I have experience in creating basic videos for a prototype product review, as well as delivering and encouraging engagement on social media.

I also have over 20 years experience in mechanical cad and design engineering so would be able to show off the product in both a consumer and what is now termed prosumer (hobbyist to professional as I would have called it in the past)


I have a youtube channel and share many videos about 3d scanning and 3d printing… And I will write an article about this scanner in my website www.cahayakudus.com

check this

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Applied to be the first tester of Pop2, i have enough skills to test the new device. :wink:


Thanks for the opportunity. I really want to share my experience with the community.

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Applied! I look forward to trying out the Pop2.

POP2?? My POP1 still can’t work with my Mac over USB.


Applied. Oh, absolutely applied. I would love to play with the new product.

I have Applied.
I hope this goes well as although i lack 3D scanning experience, i would like to swap from the photogrammetry that i currently do


I am trying to scan many pieces of my black colored motorbike, I hope the new one is better in this point.

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Looking forward for your new scanner!

After Pop success, I dare to say that Pop2 will be something awsome.

Applied! Looking forward to seeing how the new scanner improves and of course the price point