Announcement about the POP 2

Dear users,

About the POP 2, we’d like to clarify the below information with you:

  1. The POP2 3D Scanner is intended for a different market segment than the original POP.

  2. The POP2 3D Scanner will have a more advanced hardware design but will use the same software as the original POP. All software enhancements for the POP2 will be available for the original POP.

  3. As the POP2 is still in development, the delivery date has not been determined but is predicted to be after February or March 2022.

  4. Revopoint will continue to provide the same level of after-sales support to the original POP owners as it has from the beginning.

  5. We deeply appreciate the early backers who supported our POP project on Kickstarter. And it is the success of this project that contributes to our development of the POP2 so quickly. Therefore, when the POP2 is officially launched on Kickstarter, we will have a surprise gift to the first batch of users who backed our original POP and backed the POP 2 again.

Best Regards
The Revopoint Team


Can you tell when or approximately when the Kickstarter campaign will begin? Thanks.

Hi @Leschyna ,

It will be available on Kickstarter soon! Within this month.

Best Regards

POP 2 3D Scanner launching on Kickstarter this Wednesday

17th November it will be on Kickbased on email notice today

Would there be a way to have a comparison between the two in a spec sheet form?
Accuracy in mm, speed, texture detail etc…?


Hi, will it be possible to part exchange our old POP for the POP2? I assume the POP2 will be better faster easier etc and I don’t need two lying about. Also in terms of sustainability. And what is the difference between POP1 and 2 exactly?

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Are there any plans to release new versions of Handyscan soon?
Or can you inform us about upcoming software improvements for our POP?

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by “different market segment”.
We all want to scan and if I had known you would be coming out with the Pop 2 I would have waited for that.
I agree with Robin and the others. I don’t need two of everything. I would just like to upgrade to the new Pop 2.


I ended up selling my Pop 1 to pay for the kickstarter of the POP 2. They sell pretty easy on Ebay.

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