[Winner Announced] [Recruitment] Early Bird Wanted! Apply to be the first to test POP2!

Applied! I have been active on this forum and helping to give feedback on the existing POP scanner.

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“Applied” try POP2 as soon as possible to see the differences compared to POP

Applied. Looking forward to the improved pop!

Already happy with the first one.

Applied! Really rooting for this company to get besides the big names!

Applied! Looks interesting. Hopping this new entry is even better than the pop1 is. Really nice.

it will be very interesting to test this new hardware for the application field of my profession: the conservation of cultural heritage

Applied! I would really like to help you make a good product even better from users perspective.

I believe I would be very helpful in testing the improved version and with user feedback it would even be better. I like scanning family members’ heads and also toy figures then combining them making my own figures. POP v1 is good enough. I just would like to have a better experience with hair scanning.


I love the POP, and was proud to support it during the Kickstarter. I am very involved in Additive Manufacturing, and I would love to have an early bird look at the POP2 so I can share my experiences with it in the communities I participate in, as well as with the companies I do business with.

I have decades of technical and troubleshooting experience and would love to share any feedback I have with respect to features I love, and improvements I think that can be made.

Good luck everyone!

Applied. I want to review this product and compare it to other scanners like the Structure one.

In what way is it failing? It works better than any other scanner in its price range. It is nearly perfect for capturing organic shapes (although I will admit it has some shortcomings on more mechanical shapes).

I hope to be chosen and will be happy to share my experience.

Applied, would like test the new scanner in the small business cnc manufacturing.

Applied. Hopefully v1 will get better, but looking forward to pop2 either way it goes.

Applied… I have the ability to do videos…


This will be a great opportunity to further bridge my love of tech with art. I’m a 3D/VFX artist with 20 years commercial experience and would like to see if the pop2 will fit into various 3d pipelines, ie creating 3d product demos for clients or capturing real world elements to bring into Unreal Engine projects.

Ive created a few video reviews in the past and have submitted the form with some examples.



With winter around the corner and me being on disability, I should have plenty of time to play around. Plus 3d printing guitars takes a LONG time just waiting while it zips around dropping plastic :slight_smile:

Applied. So far Pop has given me the opportunity to showcase how quickly we could block out assets and props we would usually pay 20$-50$ each at the studio, and improvement on texture quality would be a leap for everything the scanner could do for us.

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@Revopoint3d-Jeremy you have to be freaking kidding me? You haven’t even fully solved the mac version of the first pop yet! This is so f’d up! No wonder you have been saying for ever next month, next month, next month. You havent done shit and moved on to the next product.